Top 3 Strangest Vehicles Of All Time

Top 3 Strangest Vehicles Of All Time Clapway

Even though I consider vehicle companies amongst the greatest companies in the world, some have designed some awfully strange vehicles. Although there are hundreds of cars over the years that have made people scratch their heads, I narrowed it down to just three.

Top 3 Strangest Vehicles Of All Time Clapway


I wonder if the Flatmobile was designed for midgets? As can be assumed, due to its name, this vehicle was built with a very low height. This car only registered a height of 46cm, and even the smallest people in the world will feel at home in the Flatmobile. The insanity doesn’t end there, though, because the creator actually installed a jet engine into the car. All I can think of is a life-size Hot Wheels ride!


If you want to see a car that is not only stylish for bird lovers, but also good for heavy traffic then take a look at the Brooke Swan Car. Again, as the name suggests, this car is designed as a beautiful swan. As many people know, swans are classy creatures with a temper. Due to this fact, this car will actually shoot boiling water from its beak to clear the traffic ahead. See, I told you that this was a perfect car for heavy traffic!


It should be noted that I don’t think a company actually produced this car, but someone made it. If you have ever seen Dumb and Dumber, you know how ridiculous a car can look. Of course, I am referencing the Sheep Dog that Harry drove. However, I think the Grass Car has got that beat by a long shot. Someone literally designed their car to have grass cover the exterior, outside of the headlights and license plate. I laugh at the fact that someone could actually mow their car!