Plants vs. Zombies Heroes: Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes: Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know Clapway

Plants vs. Zombies is back my friends and, this time, the game is going to give the world something new! Game companies know that you have to adapt to the current times, and PopCap games have done just that. Continue to read, and you will find out some things you didn’t know about the new Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.


The company behind the Plants vs. Zombies games, PopCap, has officially revealed that Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is happening. This beloved franchise will be brought back to phones and tablets, after the latest entry in the franchise was for PCs and consoles.


Now that you know this new game is happening, I assume you want to know what the genre is. This is the “new” I alluded to earlier, as Plants vs. Zombies Heroes will be a card game. Even though some fans may not be happy with this, it will add a new layer to the franchise.


One downside, at the moment, is the gameplay trailer that was released did not reveal too much. The only thing we know is that it will be a card game, but not too much about the gameplay has been revealed yet. You may think this was pointless, but just know that you will not find out too many features about this game at the time.


Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, we do know, will allow players to play in single-player missions and in a real-time multiplayer mode. This is sure to give this game some good replay value, and it is always good for video games to have a multiplayer mode.


Select territories already have access to this game, and it is being planned to be available worldwide later this year. Fans of this franchise will not have to wait long for a new installment!