New VR Sex Game Controller is Better Than Pornhub or Youporn

New VR Sex Game Controller is Better Than Pornhub or Youporn Clapway

The long awaited dream of VR porn is about to arrive. Childish fantasies will literally come to life before your very eyes as senses become tickled beyond belief. Along with the glories of VR porn is going to be a wealth of new technology to compliment it. This latest addition to that group will have you forgetting Youporn or Pornhub even existed.


Virtuadolls is a game controller and adult toy device combined into one. It will take your adult gaming and VR porn experience to the next level. Yes, adult gaming is as good as it sounds. Youporn and Pornhub as now just a distant memory as you can now look forward to living your fantasy. Feel what you see, control your movement and experience the closest thing to sex in VR. If it sounds weird, it is, but that’s because it’s new. Embrace it and don’t look back.


With the Virtualdolls controller, you can sync the movements to the VR porn you see. The controller comes with a variety of interchangeable sleeves so you’re experience will never be the same twice. The sleeves are ISO certified skin-safe, 100% silicone and come in six textures and eight colors. Above all, it’s made in America so you know its only the finest of material that will be wrapped around your precious organ. Your hand, Youporn, and PornHub had a good thing going for a while, but it’s time to get with the times.


It’s understandable that such a new and promising concept will come with a lot of questions. After all, Pornhub and Youporn never did you wrong. Why trust this thing that may hurt you? Well, first of all, it won’t hurt you. It’s designed for extreme safety. Void of any sharp parts or motors. The most dangerous part really will be your imagination. Another popular concern with porn is being discrete. Virtualdolls will have you covered. The motors are quiet as to not wake any neighbors and the packaging is designed to not draw and kind of unwanted attention. The relationship between you and your mind is a private one and Virtualdolls will respect that. Do you want to bang a three-headed furry dragon? Perhaps that can be arranged. Youporn can’t offer that. Sites like Pornhub will only leave you in a puddle of filth and regret. Now the possibility to leave that behind in VR is possible. The future truly is beautiful.