McDonalds News: New Technology Can Help You Eat More Burgers

McDonalds News: New Technology Can Help You Eat More Burgers Clapway
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A recent study has been published in the journal PloS One, and it showed how brain stimulation may help ease the symptoms of anorexia. The British researchers, who partook in the study, evaluated patients with anorexia and made them undergo a special treatment approved for depression. So, what this news means is the researchers found a way to help anorexia patients eat. This then means that this can help you eat more McDonalds burgers!


Jessica McClelland, who is a researcher at King’s College London and the first author of this study, explained what exactly the research team did in this study. McClelland notes how they targeted an area of the brain that is thought to affect anorexia. The rTMS treatment that the patients underwent delivered magnetic pulses to their brains, and this altered the activity of their nerve cells, she said. The astonishing thing is, only one session was needed to reduce the urge to restrict food intake, McClelland continued to say. To sum it up, brain stimulation can help reduce the symptoms of anorexia.


Although this may seem out of the blue, this new study can help people eat more McDonalds burgers and drink more McDonalds coffee. Sure, it may not be the healthiest choice but that does not take away from the fact that this is the truth of the matter. Think about it for a minute, this news gives the world a promising future against this eating disorder. Well, McDonalds burgers will help against anorexia as well. So, this couldn’t be a better match, wouldn’t you say?


Not only is this great news for the entire world, but it is also prompting researchers to continue the research. Due to the promising facts of these findings, researchers are now testing brain stimulation for long-term benefits. This is huge because, as the researchers of this news pointed out, up to 20 percent of people with anorexia will die prematurely.