Facebook Cares about Your Safety; What about Twitter?

Facebook Cares about Your Safety; What about Twitter? Clapway

Facebook may not care about your privacy, but darn it do they care about your safety. The social media platform released an apology to the world after their security-check notification generated legions of annoying comments on Twitter and beyond


After the deadly bomb blast in Pakistan the other day, Facebook sent out a security-check notification around the world. The site suggested users turn on a feature allowing them to connect with friends and family during disasters. This didn’t go very well with social on media. Many confused and angry individuals took to Twitter and saying they were nowhere near the explosion. In their defense, Facebook was supposed to limit the notification to those around Pakistan. At least, it shows they care. Going to Twitter and complaining about someone caring about you is like complaining that there’s too much cheese on your pizza. One can never have too much cheese.


It’s not known just how many people received the notification or what led to the mistake. Facebook is blaming the issue on some but they are trying to fix. The company then went on to say they intended for the tool to be available whenever and wherever it can help. The Safety Check feature was first introduced in 2014. It was activated the following November during the Paris terrorist attacks. That marked making the first time it was used for something other than a natural disaster. It faced some criticism then too when users complained it wasn’t active in other attacks around the world. Make up your mind people. Would you rather not have any safety notification at all?


As far as safety goes, Twitter doesn’t have anything in place to warn it’s users of disaster. I’m sure they have some kind of fine print but in terms of a notification, it’s strictly a do-it-yourself venture. For those who frequently use Twitter, it probably won’t be an issue. During a tweet, every mother and their mother’s mother will be tweeting their concerns. What about the casual users, though? Perhaps they are just a few blocks away from an attack and they are none the wiser. Let’s say they get a vibrating notification from Facebook or some other app. Maybe they turn around and save themselves from death. Think about that next time you complain.