Youtube Live and Periscope to Help You Make Money

Youtube Live and Periscope to Help You Make Money Clapway

Money is pretty great, yet why does it have to be so elusive? It seems right when you’re about to grasp that bodacious, emerald papyrus, it slips through your incompetent fingers. It’s alright, money is just tough to earn sometimes. Thankfully, new technology has made it much easier to monetize your efforts. YouTube and Periscope are just a couple of examples that are making this possible.


Periscope, the popular live streaming service is growing in popularity, although many users think it isn’t quite up to snuff yet they are working on it. Users hope they will go the way of YouTube Live, which already has a large number of new functions for live broadcasters. Among these is the ever so important monetization tool. Besides making money, YouTube lets you invite others to create streams on your channel, assign moderations, add links in real time across multiple sections and more.


One risk of Periscope and live streaming, in general, is that streams essentially vanish after they finish. Anyone who happened to miss the stream is out of luck in participating and you are out of luck getting money from them. Since there isn’t a monetization tool like YouTube Live, you have to get a bit creative. One way is to use videos for affiliate marketing. With Periscope, you get one clickable link in your profile. To earn money from affiliate marketing, make sure you point viewers in the direction of that link for every podcast. Write a catchy advert of sorts in regard to what you are promoting, then actually promote it on your broadcast. After the video, send them to the link and make sure they’re ready to buy.


Another creative way to earn money on Periscope instead of Youtube Live is to teach a course. After all, knowledge is power (and money) to spread that knowledge to the world. Film each lesson publicly and answer live questions from your viewers. Afterward, save the video. After you have enough videos, you can package them as a course and sell them on other platforms. Now you’re a teacher and you didn’t even have to go into crippling debt for it.