North Korea to Threaten Youtube, Facebook and Twitter

North Korea to Threaten Youtube, Facebook and Twitter Clapway

This week North Korea has begun to block access to Twitter, Facebook, and  YouTube. The news is hardly surprising, but it certainly shows the rising paranoia of their great leader.


News from Pyongyang has stated that Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter were found to be inappropriate. Because of this, they will be blocked indefinitely. Anyone trying to access these sites in an illegal way will be considered a traitor and be punished. Just how this punishment will take place is not known. One can use this use their imagination, however.


North Korea was never known for its freedom. This recent move to block Youtube Facebook and Twitter only show that the country is moving deeper into craziness. 2 million mobile phone users exist in the country, however, the internet is only allowed for government officials or those in high-level positions. Now, North Korea is only strengthening their control over information. Back in 2013, North Korea’s only mobile company, Koryolink allowed internet access for visitors in 2013. It seemed that North Korea was taking a big step to give internet access to natives.  However, with more attention to the country, it looks like they are going the opposite direction. Closing down Twitter, Facebook and Youtube will not only keep natives from information but prevent visitors from sharing their photos with the world.


It looks like Kim Jong-Un is closing up the hatches to protect his unstable government. Closing Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter were minor in comparison. The leader has threatened nuclear war against several countries and has even begun to cut ties with their friends in China. The North Koreans official news agency has said the leader will be testing a new type of anti-air guided weapon systems soon. Also, reports have stated that Kim Jong has his sights on the U.S. The leader has promised to kill more Americans than the attacks on 9/11. While this is pretty unlikely, it’s only a matter of time before this ticking time bomb goes off.