10 Resounding Benefits of Online/E-Fax services That Are Hard To Ignore Anymore

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The universal demand for efficient, cost-effective and technologically advanced means of business communication has led to the tremendous popularity of online fax services. Business enterprises can gain a lot on account of these numerous additional advantages associated with e-faxes:

  • Remarkable reduction in your faxing expenditure

Since online fax services are extremely affordable, you can save nearly 70-80% of the current expenditure incurred in the maintenance of your existing fax machine. Subscribing to e-fax services is undoubtedly one of the best ways for small and medium scale business enterprises to cut down their overall expenses. You will no longer be required to pay for a separate telephone line or purchase paper in bulk for your fax machine. No need to invest in toner, ink and getting the defective parts replaced.

  • Virtual faxing for greater convenience and minimum fuss

Virtual faxing gives you the complete freedom to exchange faxes from any location and at any point of time, provided that you have access to the internet. You do not require any additional knowledge or skills for stepping into the territory of online faxing. All you need is a valid e-mail account to be able to send and receive e-faxes at your convenience, without having to depend on the physical machine.

Faxes will be received in the form of attachments which can be easily downloaded on your P.C., tablet or smartphone for viewing. Faxes can be exchanged in various formats. However, your service provider converts faxes into popular, usable formats such as PDF.

  • Tightening your security with online fax services

One of the biggest advantages of switching to online fax services is that, the users get to enjoy a greater degree of privacy. Confidentiality matters a lot in the field of business. Online services prevent the loss of important documents, and ensure that all your faxes are securely delivered to your inbox. The inbuilt system of data encryption, protects all your sensitive information during the course of digital transmission.

  • Inclusion of digital signatures for authenticity

Whenever it comes to official documents, signatures happen to be one of the most essential aspects. Faxed signatures have much more legal authenticity than those sent by other means. Thus, faxing still continues to remain a bare necessity. Online faxing has provisions for the inclusion of digital signatures. You can easily create your personalized signature anytime, for applying it to your e-faxes.

  • Contact lists for efficiently catering to various clienteles

If your business boasts of a huge clientele, sending individual faxes to each client can be quite a cumbersome task. Online fax services render it possible to create separate client lists, so that the same content reaches multiple clients simultaneously. And this is just a matter of a few seconds!

  • Organizing your documents for enhancing productivity

With so many business faxes being exchanged on a daily basis, it is nothing unusual for people to lose track of documents. Due to lack of organization, there are a number of occasions when you are unable to locate important faxes, when they are urgently needed. And in the process you often up wasting a great deal of time, frantically searching through stacks of irrelevant sheets.

Online faxing gives you the liberty to print only those faxes which you wish. You can even make use of the online filing system for applying labels and categorizing your faxes. Having your faxes sorted out on the basis of importance, saves time and boosts productivity.

  • Saving a substantial amount of precious time

Being extremely progressive, online faxing immensely speeds up your business communication and reduces the burden on your employees. There is no need to manually check for new arrivals every now and then, or deal with breakdowns, paper jams and other such issues. Even when your devices are turned off, online fax services continue to work. So you do not have to wait near the machine or worry about missing faxes!

  • Resorting to an eco-friendly system of business communication

Did you know that internet faxing can put an end to the mindless exploitation of tons of natural resources? A paperless method saves millions of trees, several kilowatts of power, and curb the levels of air pollution. By resorting to e-faxes, you would be making a humble contribution towards shielding the environment from further damage.

  • No more fretting over clogged lines

Since most companies have a single fax number, the line can often get clogged when multiple faxes from different sources are trying to get through. In such situations, documents are very likely to get lost due to incomplete transmission. With the advent of online fax services, you can leave aside all your worries regarding the long waiting time and loss of important papers.

  • Mobile alerts for keeping you updated

In case of internet faxing, a number of service providers allow you to register your mobile number so that you can receive alerts in the form of text messages. No matter wherever you are, you will be immediately updated with information when you receive a new fax.