Dark Souls 3 Drives Fans Nuts

Dark Souls 3 Better on PS4; Xbox One Fans Not Happy Dark Souls 3 Drives Fans Nuts Clapway

Despite the hype surrounding the latest entry into the Dark Souls series, it seems that many fans seem to have a love-hate relationship with the game. The series of dark gothic games full of monsters, haunting scenery and cryptic stories are best known for their extreme difficulty. Dark Souls 3 looks to be more of the same. The only thing more difficult than the game itself may be keeping your sanity in check.


Fans of the Dark Souls series were met with mediocrity in Dark Souls 2. The latest addition to the series, however, marks a triumphant bounce back, filled with nostalgia and of course, difficulty. Some are calling Dark Souls 3 easier than it’s two predecessors, but that really isn’t saying much considering the mind-bending frustration those games put players through. The difficult nature of the game is a signature that should be expected. In this newest version, it seems to take on the role of a character. Players will have to interact with the challenging feel of the game in order to find a system that works for them. Until that happens, expect many frustrating attempts at boss fights paired with a depressingly dark environment.


While Dark Souls 2 lacked in shedding some new light, Dark Souls 3 is bringing loads of new features. Players can expect new weapons, spells, and armor sets. Combat is tighter, smoother and overall, just fun to play. That being said Dark Souls 3 is far from cute. The demonic hell-like environment is an interesting aesthetic that will surely raise some hairs. If simply failing at the game isn’t enough, players will be met with a horrible sense of decay and neglect everywhere they go. Inspiring is not the word one would use to describe it. If you didn’t know what a dark soul would feel like, just a few minutes in this game should help you out with describing it.


Overall, fans of the series will enjoy this game. Dark Souls 3 may not measure up to the original, but it delivers with a detail, smooth and powerful experience. Nostalgia will be alive and well as will the challenge. Prepare to battle some demons both in the game and in your own mind as you slowly go insane.