iPad Pro and New Brain Tech to Make You Sharp

iPad Pro and New Brain Tech to Make You Sharp Clapway

Do you feel you’re getting more stupid? You’re probably just paranoid but it’s not a bad thing to be concerned about. Back in the day, it took a lot more motivation to work out your mind, but now, we have the power of tech. Using your iPad Pro, it’s now possible to train your brain for a fit mind in order to achieve better memory, spatial skills, and better focus.


No one ever questions that physical exercise can help people stay fit and healthy. Just an hour a day is known to reduce heart disease, the risk of cancer and strokes. The scientific evidence on that is everywhere. That being said, working out your brain does not get the same hype as lifting weights at the gym. It’s completely possible to exercise your mind and all it takes is some creative tech on your iPad Pro or smartphone.


Neeuro┬áMemorie is a combination of a mobile app containing games and a headband that can analyze brainwaves. Neuroscientists and game developers have joined forces to create this tech in order to strengthen and stimulate the mind. The app can work on tablets like the iPad Pro as well as mobile phones. Combined with the handy, Neeuro SenzeBand headband, users use games to measure their brain activity and mental stimulation. There’s even science to back this up.


There’s a lot of controversies out there in regards to mental training tech. It doesn’t help that there are some apps that claim to help, but actually don’t. By weeding through the good tech and bad, one will find that science has, in fact, proved that one can increase intelligence. Your brain can work faster and you solve problems easier with a little bit of work. The middle-aged mind does not have to be in decline. Using simple games on your iPad Pro can help improve fluid intelligence after just one month of brain training. Studies show that mental performance peaks in our early 20’s and declines from there. This decline, however, can be delayed. Don’t just used your iPad Pro to watch stupid videos of cats and Kardashian reruns. Workout your mind instead.