Google Play Music to out-compete Apple Music and Spotify?

Google Play Music to out-compete Apple Music and Spotify? Clapway

Maybe leaked NPR emails are not as exciting as the Panama Papers. But for Google Play Music users, the leak offers great news. Google Play Music may finally be the official platform for podcasts on Android. According to the leaked email, NPR podcasts will be featured on Google Play Music April 18. The shift in podcast delivery may also cause a few problems for Apple Music and Spotify. Well, Maybe not. It may depend on user loyalty. But having better usability may be just enough for some loyalists to switch to Google Play Music.

The NPR Leaks: What It Means for Apple Music and Spotify

The NPR leak is indeed great news for Google Play Music users. It will allow users to have an all in one experience. Users will now have their favorite music and podcasts in one place. NPR teamed up with Google Play exclusively. And the leaked email also places importance on learning how to upload podcasts to the platform. There is even mention of its similarities to Apple Music. Apple Music may have a few worries. But it is available to Android users as well. Spotify unrolled its podcast and video service earlier this year. And the Spotify list is very impressive. Spotify is also available for Android and IOS.

Switch to Google Play Music?

There may not be a huge value to switch platforms. Apple Music users are loyal to their Apple products. Using Google Play Music on an Apple device doesn’t offer the same usability as it offers on an Android. And an Apple ID is still required. Spotify users are also not likely to switch. Since Spotify recently launched their new podcast and video service available on Android and IOS. The Spotify partnerships include NBC, ABC, Disney, BBC, TED, and Vice, to name a few. Switching could be a matter of preference and product loyalty. But Google Play Music could have a few tech secrets up their sleeve.

Podcasts: The Future of Audio Entertainment

The appetite for podcasts is growing. Listeners want more on-demand services, news broadcasts, interviews, and storytelling via audio. NPR is making a smart move enlisting Google Play Music for their podcasts. And podcasts are big business. It has grown to a multi million-dollar industry. Podcasts may also be the life raft for NPR. According to reports, podcasts may be the sole reason NPR can break even financially for the first time in six years.