Apple is in Trouble, Tesla is Taking over

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The highly anticipated Apple car has been highly guarded since it’s proposed announcement. Now with the release of a new cover story, we know why the company was so secret. Their entry into electric cars is hardly beautiful. Quite opposite in fact. If the rumor mill is correct, it doesn’t seem that Tesla will have any trouble plowing over this competition.


Motor Trend magazine has riled up some hype on Wednesday. The automotive magazine released a cover story that advertised an exclusive looked at the highly anticipated Apple Car.  Looking deeply into the piece, one will find more rumors than anything, but if these rumors are true, it could be bad for Apple. With a team of design students and professors from the Art Center College of Design, Motor Trend was able to craft their own vision of the car based on leaked rumors and anecdotes.


According to gossip, we can gather that this car will most likely be electric, semi-autonomous and ugly as heck. The students at ArtCenter College of Design offered up a rough sketch of what the car looks like and it’s not exactly inspiring. As always, Apple loves its beautiful simplicity, but in this case, it looks like an overgrown iPhone on wheels and not in a good way. Give Apple a break, though, it’s not easy designing a sexy car. Some automakers have been at it for a century and still can’t get it right. Add the fact that they are trying to rethink the car entirely and it seems understandable that some discrepancies will arise. Perhaps the automobile industry is best left to the pros like Tesla.


They’ve got the looks, they’ve got the skills and now Tesla has the price in order to compete in the global market effectively. There’s no doubt they will create a big headache for some of the leading automakers, but there is one thing standing in the way of Tesla world domination. Elon Musk has always explained that his company is production restricted. This is a strategic move in order to keep demand at bay. However, as Tesla’s become more popular and more affordable, demand will only rise. If they want to compete, they will have to up their production game. It’s a risk that could very well sacrifice quality, but it may be the path to the top.