Apple TV’s Siri is Dumb: Top 5 Reasons

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The fourth generation Apple TV now comes with siri capabilities. The Apple TV is indeed smart with little evidence to suggest otherwise. And now users can use the full capabilities of siri to navigate their Apple TV with ease. This is great, but maybe a bit too dumb at the same time. Siri is pretty cool. There is no denying that. You can get information easily using voice instead of typing and browsing. Siri even has a “flip a coin” command that could help you decide which program to watch if you are undecided. Not to mention its 8-Ball command for those big decisions in life. But is Siri making people dumb?

Apple TV Ultimate Volume Control

You can voice control volume. The timeless remote for all TV controls is adequate to meet most TV users’ needs. So why do we need to go even farther in making human lifestyle lazier? If pushing a button while eating fast food on the couch has become too straining, there may be an underlying issue. Siri may be assisting in the decline of human health. Not that the remote is any better.

Human Element of Siri

One of the new commands for the fourth generation Apple TV is, “who stars in this?” Siri can tell you the cast and give you a list of names. However, what is this saying about the human element? Have we become too impaired to look it up? Studies show searching for the answer of a question via research and reading can help memorization.

Voice Command Episode Searching

Voice commands also allow users to find episodes via Siri. But again, is it too easy? The blockbuster movie “Idiocracy” seems to constantly come to mind when reading about the new technology we increasingly have at our fingertips. Is it cool to be able to use voice commands for a TV? Yes, it is pretty amazing. But it is not necessary.

Jump Forward or Jump Back

If the attention span of users is lacking. Or if skipping the romantic rain scene that lasts for ages is in order. You can simply skip it, or go back and watch it again. But what does this say about human attention? Viewers were once glued to a program, hanging on every word. Now TV and film have become white noise in an environment lacking attention.

What if Siri Becomes Hard of Hearing?

One issue many have faced when using voice command programs in the past is the communication barrier. You may have asked Siri a question or given it a command that was met with odd results or information. If it happens when using your expensive Apple TV, what happens next? Are you back to the remote? Having freedom through technology is excellent. But it may be making society dumber in the long run.