Apple TV Teaches You Sex; Will Roku or Playstation TV Follow?

Apple TV Teaches You Sex; Will Roku or Playstation TV Follow? Clapway

There’s not much you can’t do on an Apple TV device. You can listen to Beats Music, get access to HBO go and catch the latest UFC fights. While that’s all great, did you know you could use the device to Twerk? Thanks to a new App you can. If only Roku or Playstation TV could offer this kind of quality content.


Polina Dubkova is a world-famous booty dancer. If she’s not, she’s about to be, thanks to her new relationship with Apple TV. Dubkova has made her ‘twerkout’ app along with 35 other booty dance lessons exclusively for Apple TV. Seeing how this unique form of artistic “dance” has decided to take off all over the world, it would make sense for competitors Roku and Playstation TV to follow in the footsteps of Apple TV.


Users of Roku should not fret. Although the artistic styles of Polina Dubkova are strictly limited to Apple TV, Roku also has its own dedicated channel for Hip Hop and R&B twerk videos. The aptly named Twerk Network serves up the hottest twerk content that one can find on the device. If you’ve always wanted to twerk but just don’t have the stuff, get on Roku now and hone your craft. In a matter of time, you’ll be crimpin’ and twerkin’ all over the place. Be grateful, PlayStation TV doesn’t offer up the same luxury.


Just like it’s competitors, PlayStation TV has access to video content, however, it lacks the ever-important twerk. One upside of PlayStation TV is the ability to play video games and stream video, whether or not you have a PS3 or PS4. You can even stream games from PS, PS2 and PS Vita. That’s a ton of content for just around $60.00 That being said, PS TV is deeply flawed in some respects. For example, it has old hardware that’s potentially out of date and above all, there’s no twerking. How one is supposed to learn without access to this technology is beyond reasonable thought. Perhaps PS TV users will have to learn their twerk on the streets.