Apple iPhone to Partner with Google Project Ara and Compete with LG G5?

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Modular smartphones are beginning to gain notoriety in the smartphone market. Of these, the LG G5  seems to be the most popular and it’s posing a risk to some of a more standard device like the iPhone. In an age where people want options, modular smartphones seem to be an answer. If Apple wants to survive, they will have to adapt. Perhaps Google’s Project Ara will lend a helping hand.


It’s not often you hear words like “fresh” and “innovative” in the smartphone industry anymore. Let’s face it, Apple kind of started with a design and since then, companies have more or less followed it. The LG G5 has had enough of that and they want to change it up. Modular smartphones have certain aspects that are customizable. Now, it’s not as full on as Google’s Project Ara per say, but it’s a nice middle ground between that, and the iPhone. For the time being, it seems the majority of consumers can’t and won’t be bothered about upgrading their phone themselves, however, the LG G5 could very well represent the early stages of a new era.


Last year, Google’s Project Ara was pretty much the first of it’s kind for modular phones. At least, it was the most well known. Now with the LG G5 coming into the mix, they have some competition. Google’s Project ARA essentially starts as a grey box of a phone. From there, users can modulate a number of aspects regarding the device. Think bigger speakers, more lasers, medical devices and game controllers. At first Project Ara probably intended to dethrone Apple’s iPhone, but now with LG G5, maybe we’ll see the two team up to take down a common enemy.


Some would argue that a lack of customizable options is what makes the iPhone so popular. Many people don’t know or don’t care how the iPhone is made. They just want a mini-computer in their pocket to take selfies with. While that may be true for now, markets change. Apple seems like they’re picking up on that. A recent campaign by Apple showed a video promoting iPhones reusability. Essentially, they imply that pieces of old iPhones are used to make new ones. This doesn’t mean they are going full modular and making a customizable phone, however, it shows that the company is at least thinking about adapting. As more consumers become informed about technology, the more they will want control of it. Going the way of Google and LG on this one certainly wouldn’t hurt.