Minecraft Cat Mermaid More Popular Than Pink Sheep

Minecraft Cat Mermaid More Popular Than Pink Sheep Clapway

The rise of Pink Sheep on Minecraft has become quite popular among Minecraft enthusiasts, as well as those who stumble upon his YouTube videos. He became a YouTube sensation on ExplodingTNT’s videos, but soon had access to his very own. He professes to love, kills and collects a kind of tax from villagers the computer realm. However, every sensation will eventually meet his or her rival. Could Cat Mermaid be the next Pink Sheep? Will there be some Highlander type battle in a Minecraft graveyard where two immortals compete?

Cat Mermaid vs. Pink Sheep

Cat Mermaid is half feline and half fish, which is a strange combination to make sense of. But the oddity is gaining some attention from YouTube hounds browsing Minecraft videos. The Cat Mermaid challenge LDShadowLady’s YouTube video presented was possibly the Frankenstein moment for Cat Mermaid. It gained nearly 400,000 views in just two days. This isn’t too bad when comparing the numbers to Pink Sheep videos with most averaging more than 500,000 views. A few Pink Sheep videos even have over a million views.

The Cat Mermaid Minecraft Build Challenge

A group of users got together for a build-off and the fish-feline monstrosities that were birthed are both scary and funny. Most resembled a cat of some kind, but mermaid tails were obscure. Tom from Tom & Jerry was built, odd Cat like blocks constructed, and one guy just said F-it and built a dirt tower. However, there were a few Cat Mermaid builds worthy of battling Pink Sheep. It could possibly turn into a power struggle with whiskers and moustache entangling in a fantasy world battle.

What if They Became Minecraft Friends or Even Lovers

Another frightening possibility would be if Pink Sheep and Cat Mermaid became lovers. He is notorious for professing his undying love, and Cat Mermaid may enjoy the creepy pink advances. It could be a love affair of epic proportions, spawning little-hooved sheep with wiggly pink mermaid tails. Or they may become allies, keeping it creepy and confusing. Pink Sheep may have finally found a partner to take over Minecraft with.