Star Fox Zero Closest You’ll Get to Star Wars on Wii U

Star Fox Zero Closest You’ll Get to Star Wars on Wii U Clapway

If your console of choice is the Wii U, you likely didn’t get a chance to play Star Wars Battlefront. With Star Fox Zero, Nintendo hopes to fill that space adventure void. Star Fox Zero won’t feed your multiplayer craving created by Star Wars, but it will give you a solid adventure in the Star Fox series, inspired by the original Super Nintendo title.

Wii U Getting Some Love

The Wii U is on its last leg, with Nintendo’s next console right around the corner. Star Fox Zero could be considered the console’s swan song, if it wasn’t for the looming release of the Legend of Zelda: Wii U later in the year. Star Fox Zero is the first release in the series since 2011, and the first to hit the next-gen console. The sixth installment in the series brings Star Fox back to the gameplay introduced in the original Star Fox.

The Space Exploration of Star Wars

On top of not receiving Star Wars Battlefront last fall, the Wii U currently has no Star Wars games in its four-year history. Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens releases later this year, but it may not be enough for those wanting a true Star Wars game on the Wii U. Star Fox Zero hopes to be your space exploration filler. The game puts the player in control of Fox McCloud as he and his team fight the henchmen of Dr. Andross across the Lylat system. Their adventure sends the player planet hopping across the universe in this rail shooter.

Star Fox Zero: One Last Go Around

Star Fox Zero takes advantage of some of the key features on the Wii U. The game is a two-screen experience. Your TV displays your ship from a third-person angle, much like the games of the past. The Wii U’s gamepad gives players a cockpit view in which they can focus their fire on specific enemies by tapping the screen. The game offers great replayability with numerous planets to explore. Nintendo sweetened the deal by including an additional tower defense game, Star Fox Guard, with the purchase of Star Fox Zero.