GTA 6 in Tokyo to be Better Than GTA 5; Fans Are Excited

GTA 6 in Tokyo to be Better Than GTA 5; Fans Are Excited Clapway

Grand Theft Auto has been stateside for the last 16 years, jumping between Liberty City, Vice City and Los Santos. With the recent success of GTA Online, Developer, Rockstar has turned its focus to multiplayer. Despite this, a recent rumor suggests that GTA 6 is now in development. The same source also revealed that Rockstar once considered having a game take place in Tokyo. No location for the next installment in the series has been confirmed, and it could be awhile before anything is made official.

Tokyo: Discover Tomorrow

The last time GTA left the U.S. was in 1999 for the streets of London. Rockstar would follow-up with GTA 3 set in Liberty City in 2001. It was right around this time the developer started making plans for their next title to be set in Tokyo. The project got far enough for the publisher to file a trademark for GTA: Tokyo. The Rockstar team eventually took a trip to Tokyo to get a feel for the area. The project was eventually canceled though due to the developer having issues with the city’s road system.

GTA 5: Keeping Busy

GTA 5 came out in 2013, and is still going strong. The game has seen ports to the next generation consoles, numerous updates to the multiplayer, and innovations with VR. With so much going on with their previous game, it’s hard to see how Rockstar could make time for a sequel. There are also rumors of Rockstar working on the next game in the Red Dead series.

Oh the Places You’ll Go

The release of GTA 6 may be years away, but that won’t keep fans from speculating on the game’s setting. Rockstar could keep the game in the states with one of its existing cities. The developer could also consider their past research and finally decide to take the game to Tokyo. Rockstar could also go another route and make their next title in the series a globe-trotting adventure, including numerous cities around the world.