Russia to Find Aliens, God to Impress Stephen Hawking; NASA is Speechless?

Russia to Find Aliens, God to Impress Stephen Hawking; NASA is Speechless? Clapway

NASA should be speechless. Russia’s on a quest to find aliens while a wheelchair-bound supergenius named Stephen Hawking is using tiny spacecraft to discover the universe’s greatest secrets. It seems like some mash-up of James Bond, Star Wars, and a Marvel movie, but this is the reality these days. It’s understandable for anyone to be at a loss for words, even the U.S space agency.


In Russia, apparently all it takes is enough money to find life in outer space. Russian internet billionaire Yuri Milner proposed a journey to space  for $100 million dollars. His program would develop tiny spacecraft, less than a gram in weight, that would propel themselves across the deepest reaches of space with hopes of finding aliens. The crafts would be propelled by Earth-based lasers and could reach the Alpha Centauri in just 20 years. Russia is going to need more than money to find aliens, though. Stephan Hawking may just be the brains they so desire.


Russia has become a pawn in Stephen Hawking’s ever continuous game of discovery. It’s safe to say that Stephen Hawking isn’t searching for God in outer space, but he does think aliens exist and he knows how to find them. He supports Russia’s model by saying light beams and a light sail are all we would need to create the smallest spacecraft ever created. In our generation, we could get to Alpha Centauri and discover some of the universe’s greatest secrets. Does this include finding the existence of God? Probably not, but Stephen Hawking will likely disprove some theories relating to God and religion altogether.


Amongst Russian billionaires and the genius of Stephen Hawking, NASA seems peculiarly silent on this matter. Are they jealous they didn’t think of the idea themselves or are they simply preoccupied with other matters? It surely doesn’t help that the US congress is pressuring NASA into rocket construction and moving around their funds like a careless game of chess. Of course, NASA wants in on the universal search for aliens and God but it doesn’t seem likely. Unless they can enlist the private help of SpaceX or Blue Origin, it’s looking like budgets will stand in their way. Even God can agree that money talks. NASA needs more of it if they want to enter this conversation.