Apple MacBook Updates: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

Apple MacBook Updates: 5 Things You Didn’t Know Clapway

Keeping with its annual release schedule, Apple has released the latest laptop in its MacBook family. An update to last year’s MacBook Retina, this year’s model focuses on improving battery life and disk speed. The new laptop brings only a few small changes to the table, but they may just be enough to warrant a purchase.

Making Improvements

With the new MacBook, faster processors give users the ability to multitask without bringing the laptop to a halt. Apple promises the laptop’s battery will last an hour longer than last year’s model, no matter the task. This gives users an opportunity to use their single plug-in port for other things besides charging the device.

Most Portable MacBook

With only one plug-in port, the new MacBook isn’t the best when it comes to collaborating with appliances and other devices. What the laptop lacks in plug-ins, it makes up for in portability. The laptop weighs a little over two pounds and is perfect for travel with its thin size, and its minimalist approach to plug-ins.

Rose Gold Everywhere

Apple will not rest until every device you own is rose gold. Following in the footsteps of the iPhone, the iPad, and the Apple Watch, the MacBook is now available in rose gold. The laptop is also available in space grey, silver, and gold.

Getting Used to the Keyboard

Apple fans that purchased last year’s model of the MacBook should have no problem with the keyboard. Newcomers may have some issues, though. The flat keyboard stretches across the laptop. The keys themselves are larger than your average laptop. Using the keyboard may be awkward at first, but with time, users will feel at home in no time.

Apple Offering Two Versions

The new MacBook offers consumers a little variety when making their purchase. The standard version with a 1.1GHz, dual-core Core M3 processor is available for $1,299. Consumers can upgrade their speed to 1.2GHz with a Core M5 chip for $1,599.