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User Query:

“Few days before I updated Windows 8.1 in my laptop. After updating I decided to also switch my email application from Thunderbird to MS Outlook. I have started using MS Outlook but now I need my old emails also which were there in Thunderbird. So, is there anyway with convert Thunderbird data to Outlook? Please help it’s really important and urgent

– Gwen, England”


Email client is an application software with which users can easily access and manage their email data. Email messages are composed by User to send it over to the recipients. There are various email applications such as Apple Mail, IBM Lotus Notes, Netscape, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Eudora etc. These locally installed email clients are used by organizations as well as home users. Every email application supports different email file format to store data.

Thunderbird is an open source email client which is developed by Mozilla Firefox. It is fast, secure as well as totally free to access. It offers various features like fast message search, RSS reader, spam filters customizable views etc. It allows User to install add-ons similarly like browsers. It easily manages multiple email accounts and RSS feed accounts which can be easily stored with various identities. It creates many MOZMSGS folders to manage an important database. It also contains WDSEML files, which are used for Windows search integration. It provides LDAP autocomplete email address feature. It makes easy for users to get a link with social media by offering a chat feature. There is a pre-built tool which allows the user to connect with some cloud services. It provides an option to set the master password. All the Thunderbird data is stored at:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\ozr0m2a8.default\Mail\Local Folders

MS Outlook is also an email client, which easily manages a large amount of emails, notes, calendars, contacts etc. It allows accessing multiple email accounts easily. It manages all the email accounts with few clicks after installing it on the system. It provides an option to search the required file to edit, complete, send or receive data. It performs different functions with less effort. It also provides themes, graphics etc. to make your email client to look more attractive to access. Outlook supports PST file format to save all its data properly. It is a standalone as well as web application.

Reason of conversion:

Inaccessibility of email files is the drawback of converting email application from one to another. As the email message created using one format cannot be opened in another email client if the supported file formats are different. So, migrating data from one email client to another leads to conversion of formats of data files stored in it. Another important reason for conversion is that Thunderbird’s development is no longer available in the market because of which user’s need to convert thunderbird to Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016.

Reliable and Quick solution:

Nowadays there are many tools available in the online market, one of them is Thunderbird Converter Wizard. The software is advanced, integrated with the user-friendly interface which makes easy for non-technical users to convert Thunderbird data to Outlook PST smoothly without any expertise advice. The software maintains the formatting, structure and properties of original data unhampered after conversion of data. It migrates all the data along with attachments in exact form. It saves a lot of user’s time by converting bulk of Thunderbird data at once.

Noteworthy features of software:

  • Accurately perform the conversion process
  • Supports all Outlook versions
  • Maintain the folder structure after conversion
  • Time-saving software
  • Offers dual mode of conversion-single or multiple
  • Interactive wizard interface

Try it now:

The software offers a genuine free demo version to provide crystal clear idea about the Thunderbird Converter Wizard’s functioning and behavior. Use this application to deal with Thunderbird to Outlook conversion in real-time. As it is a free demo, so the user can convert only 25 emails. However, if the user needs to convert more data, then he/she can buy the licensed edition.

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