Walmart ‘Goes Pornhub and Youjizz’; Will Costco Join?

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Sex toys now available at Walmart? You may not see sex toys flopping about on store shelves, but you will most certainly find them on virtual shelves. Walmart may be spreading it to a new market as the Sue Johanson Super Head Honcho sells for just under $23 online. Walmart may be looking toward the porn future. Possibly teaming up with Pornhub and Youjizz for a threesome. Will other big box retailers join in on the fun? Imagine buying porn accessories in bulk at big box stores like Costco or Sam’s Club.

The Sue Johanson Super Head Honcho Experience

The Super Head Honcho experience is all-American. It is made in America, although Walmart has specific disclaimers over product origins stamped with “Made in USA.” Apparently, those disclaimers extend to their sex toys as well. The Sue Johanson Super Head Honcho was voted sex toy of the year by her viewers. It offers powerful tight suction with texture for the realistic pleasure a sex toy enthusiast is expecting. Sue Johanson is a sex educator and a talk show host of “Talk Sex with Sue Johanson” and “The Sunday Night Sex Show.” This masturbator is made from high-quality durable material and tugs a length of six inches.

Pornhub, Youjizz, Walmart Ménage à Trois

Walmart entering the sex toy market may break down barriers and taboos. As commonplace as Pornhub and Youjizz are in countries worldwide, the taboo on porn remains. Pornhub and Youjizz offer users a safe and discrete platform to use sex toys like the Super Head Honcho in the comfort of their own home. The VR porn industry may also begin adding flavor to porn platforms like Pornhub and Youjizz. The sex toy industry has an estimated worth of $15 billion. That’s nothing to shake a stick at. And Walmart is spicing up their online store inventory. Pornhub and Youjizz viewers may start seeing ads pop up on the two porn platforms soon.

Will Costco Join In or Simply Practice Voyeurism?

Buying sex toys like masturbators and dildos may seem like odd big box store inventory items. But market numbers don’t lie. With $15 billion on the table, Costco may strap-on a few sex toys and see how they do, whether online or in stores. Costco shoppers can still buy condoms by the box. And if cigarettes are still on shelves, then why not sex toys? Costco could heat up their aisles by grouping sex toys with lingerie, lube and maybe even see a rise in VR headset sales. Will there be a Kirkland Costco branding in the future?