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Know How to Save Zimbra Backup Outlook – Emails, Contacts, Notes, Briefcase, Tasks etc.

Ever since the latest edition of Outlook 2016 has hit the market, a lot of users are looking for solutions to save Zimbra backup Outlook. Are you one of them, then Read the following write-up:

Zimbra is undoubtedly one of the widely used email application. It is cross-platform, provides shareware features of managing multiple user profiles, at once. Its features include drag n drop items, advance search, tooltips, “Zimlet” Mashups, AJAX based web interface for email, contacts, document sharing, calendars grouping etc.

MS Outlook 2016 is the current edition to the Microsoft Outlook series. It’s a powerful application with all the enhanced features of attachment linking with cloud resource, email address internationalization, cloud searching, “Tell Me” help support etc.

Why Switching from Zimbra to Outlook is required?

Zimbra has a lot to offer to its users, but more users find it difficult to use. It’s slow synchronizing rate, pre-condition to configure a new account for further accessing and slow responsiveness are a few of the problems, which are making users look for its replacement.

Also, to view all its data in Outlook, Zimbra has Outlook Connector to offer, which synchronizes all Zimbra data into Outlook. But there are many users who want direct access  to all their Zimbra mailbox data in Outlook. They don’t want to depend upon any other helping connector. Are you one of them who want to save Zimbra backup Outlook, sans any connector.

Get Backup of Zimbra User Mailboxes

Zimbra doesn’t create automated backups of its user accounts. So, users have to manually do it. It’s easy and can be performed by following these simple steps :

After opening Zimbra >> Preferences >> Import/Export (left Window pane) >> Export. Click on the account you want to have a backup of, Click on data types to select the items you want to save >> Click Export button. Select the destination location to save the backup (which is in .tgz) format, and press Enter button.

Save Zimbra Backup Outlook

This TGZ file is a zipped file which can only be extracted using an Unzipping Tool (WinZip, WinRAR etc.).

Once you have the backup of Zimbra user accounts, the next thing is to save Zimbra backup Outlook.

The extracted TGZ file needs to be converted to PST format, for complete conversion from Zimbra to Outlook. And this can’t be done manually. A third party tool is required for Zimbra export mailbox to PST. Zimbra Mailbox Converter is such a conversion program which converts mailbox data of multiple user profiles of Zimbra into Outlook, with complete efficiency and precision. The software provides complete help in keeping the backup of Zimbra mailbox data – email, contacts, tasks, calendars, briefcase into PST file. This PST file can be easily viewed in all editions of Outlook – 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003. Not only this, the converted Zimbra mailboxes can also be imported, accessed and viewed in MS Exchange and Office 365.

Benefits of using External Conversion Utility

  • Supports batch mailboxes migration feature. Users get the opportunity to convert their multiple Zimbra user profiles into PST format, in single conversion round.
  • All the Zimbra data items (emails, phone book, calendars, briefcase, tasks etc.) are converted with exact details.
  • Zimbra Export mailbox to PST. This allows for further accessing Zimbra mailbox in MS Outlook, MS Exchange and Office 365.
  • Successfully tested with converting large volumes of Zimbra data (20000+ TGZ files). Thus, Zimbra to PST Converter is tagged as a perfect solution for large scale migration.
  • Easy Interface allows saving Zimbra backup into Outlook with complete effortlessness.
  • Free Demo is available for users’ support to get software information in detail.

Now that you have decided to save Zimbra backup into Outlook, then opting for a third party conversion program is the perfect solution. And what better tool than Zimbra Mailbox Converter, which provides optimum results with no data loss.