Tesla ‘Goes NASCAR’; Google, Nissan Leaf Fans Choose Model 3

Tesla 'Goes NASCAR'; Google, Nissan Leaf Fans Choose Model 3 Clapway

Tesla goes NASCAR with “Ludicrous Mode.” Not real NASCAR. But it could be interesting to see. The 2018 Tesla Model 3 buyers will have the option to add Ludicrous Mode to their electric sedan. What does that mean? It may be a wordplay steal from the movie, “Spaceballs,” which was written and directed by comedy legend Mel Brooks. In that blockbuster classic, the spacecraft had a “Ludicrous Speed.” This allowed it to accelerate and reach speeds of a ludicrous nature. I could see Elon Musk being a big fan of that movie. Tesla and SpaceX make a lot more sense to me now. What does this mean for Nissan and Google? Will electric car buyers choose Tesla and their NASCAR, Spaceballs-inspired Model 3?

Tesla Model 3 NASCAR Mode

The Tesla Model 3 may not be NASCAR ready, but it sure is worthy of a Saturday night drag race. The 2018 Model 3 ludicrous mode is a high-performance upgrade that allows electric car enthusiasts to go from 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds. There is still no price for the Model 3 upgrade. But the upgrade for the Model S and Model X will run you about $10,000. This could sway those looking at Google and Nissan electric cars in the Tesla direction.

Should Nissan and Google Be Worried?

A YouTube video published by DragTimes shows ludicrous mode in the Model S P90D. It has reached nearly 275,000 YouTubers, which may also be in the market for an electric ride of their own. The video shows the ludicrous mode reaction of a family after Thanksgiving dinner. It hits 60 mph really fast. Videos like these may be making Nissan and Google worried. However, they may not need to be too worried. Tesla is cranking out luxury inspired, high-performance electric cars. Nissan is looking to appeal to the average Joe. And Google is making space age looking golf cart rides. The markets are a bit different with each company and Nissan and Google will surely be able to market to their niche of consumers.

SpaceX NASCAR May Be The Next

NASCAR engines are fine pieces of machinery. They withstand high-performance pressure for long periods. The only way Elon Musk could stand a chance would be designing a SpaceX racecar. It may not be fully electric, but it could possibly compete. This would make for some interesting publicity for the private space company looking to colonize Mars. I am certain, Musk has pondered the idea once or twice. Could it be possible?