New Device is Better than any AC at Macys, Walmart or Costco

New Device is Better than any AC at Macys, Walmart or Costco Clapway

It’s about to get a lot hotter, but with the Evapolar personal air conditioner, you can stay cool for the summer. Evalpolar is like nothing you will find on the shelves of Macys, Walmart or Costco. It is quieter than a fan and smaller than an AC window unit, Evapolar wants to be your energy efficient alternative to climate control.

Evapolar the Personal Air Conditioner

The Evapolar is the size of a toaster and easily fits in any work environment. By adding water to the tank the unit starts to cool the air in your workspace. Users can set the temperature to their personal preference by using the dial located on top of the unit. The creators claim the device will be able to lower temperatures by 30.6° F. Evapolar works for six to eight hours before needing a refill.

A Jack of All Trades

On top of cooling your personal space, the Evapolar will also humidify and purify the air around you. This all comes together to create a comfortable personal climate. The device also promises to save consumers both energy and money. The creators state that the device is 12 times more energy efficient than your average split system air conditioner.

Not available at Macys, Walmart, or Costco

Stores like Macys, Walmart and Costco have their shelves filled with AC window units and fans, but none come close to the Evapolar. The device is still currently in production. The first shipment of devices arrives in May for those who supported the company’s funding campaign. The rest of the units will be released to the public in June. Consumers will be able to order the device from the creator’s website upon release.  The price for one unit is set at $250. There are two color options, black and white.