Apple Watch Sexual Penetration: 5 Things Making Pornhub Fans Happy

Apple Watch Sexual Penetration: 5 Things Making Pornhub Fans Happy Clapway

A new sex toy for your Apple Watch or smartphone may be the etch pleasure you need. The Lush Vibe is the perfect piece of sex tech you can use behind closed doors. In public while staying discreet. And perfect pleasure for couples temporarily away. The Lush by Lovense may be the smartest vibrating device between your legs. Keeping you, or you and your partner sexually satisfied. This is making Pornhub fans around the world relaxed and happy.

Pleasure Yourself with Your Apple Watch

The Lush is compatible with your Apple Watch. Allowing you to access good vibrations in an even more discreet way. You simply turn your wrist and have complete access to your Lush control panel. Using your Apple Watch also gives Pornhub fans hands-free pleasure control. Letting you use your hands for other sexual multi-tasking.

Remote Control Foreplay

The Lush allows users to connect via their smartphone for ultimate control. The Lush app offers the discreet pleasure you, or you and your partner aim to accomplish. Whether in bed, or for discreet public arousal, the Lush smartphone controls let you fulfill your desires. You can put your Apple iPhone or Apple Watch to use in ways you have always wanted.

Pornhub Vibrating Variety

Getting off may take some work. That is why the Lush was designed with vibrating variety in mind. Some days you may need a more gentle approach, while others it may be all bets off on your private area. The Lush allows you to create or download as many vibrating possibilities you may need to rub one out after a long day. Pornhub fans crave variety in all things pleasure.

Music and Sound Activated Pleasure

One feature the Lush boasts between the sheets or even in public is its music and sound activation. You can sink the Lush with your favorite songs on Apple iTunes. You can also use the smartphone app to preset sound activation. This will let your smartphone’s speaker signal vibrations based on the volume of your surroundings. Action films and your favorite songs may never be the same. Pornhub and Apple fans love putting these features to the test, especially in public.

Don’t Let Distance Stop You

The Lush offers Live Control. Live Control allows you and your partner to connect regardless of distance. You can send each other good vibes while on business trips, or even from or at work during the day. You can also create a vibrating pattern and send it to your partner while away as well. Or you and your partner can sync up via the smartphone app and get down and dirty no matter how far away you may be. Pornhub and Apple fans love staying connected. And connection like this is surely a crowd pleaser.