Brain Drug Helps People Communicate with Aliens; Stephen Hawking Speaks

Brain Drug Helps People Communicate with Aliens; Stephen Hawking Speaks Clapway

A new brain drug helps boost brain function and neural connectivity. Memory recall and increased focus have been reported by users. Even renowned scientist Stephen Hawking believes supplements like this will help with mental function. If these claims are true, researchers think higher intelligence may lead to communication with aliens.


Take note kids, Stephen Hawking himself says his advanced brain functionality is due to drugs. Not any drugs per se, but a certain type of “smart drug”. Stephen Hawking says the pill increase cognitive mind function while strengthing the prefrontal cortex. This helps boost memory and recall. Recent interviews with Stephen Hawking state that his mind is sharper than ever. He credits this to the drug GeniuX. To him, the brain is like a muscle and it needs exercise and supplements to get strong.


If the testimony of Stephen Hawking isn’t enough to convince you the mind drug works, take it from NFL star Tom Brady or musician Kanye West. They have nothing but fine remarks regarding the mind boosting pill. Allegedly, it doubles IQ, increases energy level and connects areas of the brain not previously connected. It’s these areas that some believe are the key to communicating with aliens. As a less advanced species, we may not have developed key attributes of the mind in order to communicate with aliens of increased intelligence.


There is a theory that intelligent aliens exist and have been keeping an eye on us for years. For fear of overloading our mental capacity, they have remained quiet until our cognitive function evolves enough to communicate. Once we are of sound mind, then they will reach out and establish contact. What they are going to talk to us about could be anybody’s guess. Given this new drug, though, the conversation between men and aliens may be happening sooner than we think.