New Tech Merged Tesla Skateboard and Nike Backpack Together

New Tech Merged Tesla Skateboard and Nike Backpack Together Clapway

A new tech has combined the best parts of a Tesla and Nike backpack by combining them into one. Movpak is the first portable electric vehicle and backpack making commuting both easy and fun.


Mocpakc is the first backpack that can carry everything you need for the day and you at the same time. To put that more simply, it’s a backpack that you can actually ride. Crazy right? Wrong, it’s actually quite logical and will make one wonder why it took so long for someone to develop this. Movpak unfolds in one movement into an electric vehicle that goes up to 20 mph with a wireless remote control. You may not be able to afford a Tesla, but a least you can get a Tesla-inspired,┬áNike looking backpack that will make everyone turn their heads. Additionally, Movpak can charge your devices on the go. No fumes, wires or environmental damage included.


Take a seat because a lot of information is about to be given here. For those looking for a simple, expensive backpack to carry your underwear, look no further than a Nike backpack. For those that want the ultimate storage and┬átransport device, Movpak can probably meet your needs. Movpak has a USB charger, backpack expander, headphone hold, cable organizer, tablet pocket, wireless┬ácharger pocket, kevlar deck, a dozen different pockets and backlights for safety. That’s not even all of it.


If you’re still dead set on buying a pricey Nike backpack and showing up to school in a Hummer H2. Reconsider. Sure, it would be great for everyone to have a Tesla, but that’s not realistic. MovPack is the best solution for any urban commuter. Not only is it stylish like Nike, but it’s functional. It will carry everything you need while doubling as an electrically capable vehicle that can get up to 20 mph. It won’t beat a Tesla on the racetrack but in rush hour traffic, that’s a different story. Large cities can’t support cars anymore. Be a solution to the problem by getting off the road and on a MovPak.