New Smart Keyboard for Mac Protects Privacy; Apple Fans Are Happy

New Smart Keyboard for Mac Protects Privacy; Apple Fans Are Happy Clapway

Staying protected while browsing is important. You can easily fall victim to identity theft, or have your private information hacked. SilentKeys by Preevio can help. This new keyboard can protect your privacy online. It offers beefy tech security for your Mac. SilentKeys also offers a sleek design Apple fans love nearly as much as online security. It not only lets you use the web privately. It also keeps you safe. Let’s take a look at the features giving Apple fans big security love.

Sleek and Seamless Apple Design

Apple fans crave sleek and seamless design for their products. Why else would the iPhone and Mac keep slimming down every year? SilentKeys offers that same awesome Apple design. It is a ‘plug in and play’ keyboard that is protected by an aluminum shell. The keyboard not only looks appealing, it is also the operations center. It keeps your identity safe inside, and web monsters out.

Open Source Device

The Mac has always been safe to use. Especially when it comes to viruses. However, hackers are becoming more aggressive. This has put Apple fans at risk, but SilentKeys can help boost Mac security. It is open source and easy to use. SilentKeys blocks tracking ads. Protects against viruses and hackers. It also keeps your identity safe, making Apple fans really happy.

Simple Set Up

Apple fans love a simple set up process. The Mac and iPhone possibly offer the easiest set-up ever. SilentKeys offers this same great feature. You simply plug-in via USB port, press a button, and choose your security level. That’s it. No downloading apps or programs. It has made security simple.

Security Level Options

SilentKeys offers two levels of security once it is plugged in and turned on. You can choose between the secure and private desktop option, or the anonymous browser option. The secure and private desktop offers full security. And the anonymous browser helps you open a temporary anonymous browsing session. Apple fans definitely crave options, especially in security.

More Mac Options

SilentKeys can open up a variety of options that you may not have experienced in the past. At least not without a personal Internet bodyguard. The stronger security measures will let you browse in private. You can bank more securely. As well as bypass web filters and watch international TV. SilentKeys is the perfect Mac protection.