Apple iPhone Smart Adaptor Inspired Home

Apple iPhone Smart Adaptor Inspired Home Youtube Makes Fun of Amazon and Ebay Clapway

The Anyware Smart Adaptor has many uses for you and your Apple family. It is equipped with a sensor-rich Smart Adapter that you can set for daily routines and at home. It has built-in ambient light, sound, temperature, and humidity sensors. All these features can be monitored right from your iPhone.

Know Who’s Coming and Going

The Anyware Smart Adaptor also lets you know when people are coming and going from your home. The sensors will notify you via iPhone when the kids are home from school, or when the housekeeper or handyman finishes up. It also has an anti-theft feature for your home, alerting you to burglars. Apple fans love tech security features, and the Anyware Smart Adaptor has it all…

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