Top 5 Best iPad and iPhone Tech Under $50; Apple Fans Are Happy

Top 5 Best iPad and iPhone Tech Under $50; Apple Fans Are Happy

New tech review posted by YouTube tech junkie Jonathan Morrison shows the best under $50. This isn’t Morrison’s first “best tech under” video, and it surely won’t be the last. Apple fans crave what’s new. That is why iPhone and iPad addicts continually shell out hundreds every year for next-generation tech crack. Let’s take a look at Morrison’s grab bag of tech “under fifty” that is making Apple addicts happy.

Get iPhone and iPad Wood

The first Apple-inspired tech under $50 is a bamboo charging dock. This is great for those anti-plastic fans that want to keep their iPhone and iPad secure. The bamboo charging dock lets you place your smart devices on the top rack. The top rack connects to the open space bottom via magnets where speakers can be placed. Why speakers? Because there are open slots in the bottom to amplify sound, which is pretty cool.

Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Apple fans hate wires, and anything wireless that can be used for the iPhone and iPad will be consumed. The Aduro Amplify Wireless Speakers are simply that, and they are awesome. You can use these saucer-shaped Bluetooth speakers independently or together. The only downside is that they need to be charged once in a while.

Apple Design Dock

Docking stands are perfect for any tech nut. Most Apple addicts have more than one. The iQunix Edin MacBook Stand is possibly the best docking stand for under $50. It is made of solid aluminum, and is easy to adjust without extra pieces or taking it apart. Its design is sleek and seamless, and compliments any size MacBook.

Quality USB Mic for Under Fifty

The CAD U37 USB Microphone is a surprising steal for under $50. It comes with a mic, adjustable stand, and USB cable. It also features 10db padding and a low-pass filter for any session. The audio quality is nearly as good as more expensive microphones you will find on the market. Apple fans always appreciate a good deal, especially since they spent all their money on the new iPhone and/or iPad.

Plug-In Bluetooth Audio Box

Imagine having a speaker that plugs into your wall, has an additional outlet and fast charging USB port for your iPhone and iPad. Now you can with the Bluetooth Outlet Speaker. The audio quality is a great alternative to your tablet or phone speaker, but it won’t be home theater quality.