Explore How to Backup Gmail Account on Hard Drive

Take Backup Gmail Account on Hard Drive by using Best Gmail Backup Tool

Explore How to Backup Gmail Account on Hard Drive Supercharger to put Nissan Leaf on Fire; Next after Tesla Clapway

It is a common practice among the Gmail Users to keep their important Documents on Gmail Server and access the data when required. According to user’s point of view, it makes their data more available and handy because they do not need any Physical Device for storing their data. However, storing the data on the cloud does not mean that data is fully protected.

Why is Gmail backup tool needed?

Users of Gmail store their data in cloud service because they find it safer than keeping their data in Physical Storage Devices. Nevertheless, the data present in the cloud is also vulnerable, the reason being it can be hacked, terminated or can have glitches. Gmail  Backup Tool is the best way to make Gmail data secure.

How to Backup Gmail Account on Hard Drive

It is a very easy task to restore soft deleted items from Gmail; because if users delete their data intentionally or unintentionally, Gmail will directly send it to Trash folder. Users can easily recover the deleted item from Trash. It is more difficult when data is permanently deleted due to which the restoration of data becomes impossible. There are other scenarios like hacking or termination of Gmail Account, which also causes the same problem. In these cases, it is very important to backup of Gmail account.

Takeout Service

Google provides a service for Gmail backup i.e., Takeout Service. The Takeout service enables user backup Gmail data, which will create an archive in .Zip format. By using this service user can easily create a backup of all the data stored in Gmail to a hard drive. There is one shortcoming in takeout service, that it does not provide a solution for again restoring the data in Gmail. The backup of takeout service is in MBOX format which is accessible to another email client such as Thunderbird.

Third Party tool

In order to overcome the weaknesses, the user can use third party tool namely Gmail Backup, which can Backup Gmail Accounts in batch and the output file formats will support all email clients. With the help of this GMAIL BACKUP TOOL, one can easily backup the Gmail data on their hard drives.