New App Finds Friends Faster than Google Maps

New App Finds Friends Faster than Google Maps Clapway

At times, it can feel like technology is invading our lives. It’s in our homes, in our cars, and even in our pockets. Sure, that kind of power in the wrong hands can be frightening but it also has massive benefits as well. Imagine an app like Google Maps that can help you keep track of friends and family, notify you of their arrival and set various location based reminders. Now, stop imagining because it exists.


Location tracking doesn’t always have to involve fear from the government. It’s perfectly reasonable to have some curiosity about where your loved ones are, especially to ensure their safety. GeoZilla is a free app for iOS and Android that can help accomplish this. Say you’re having a surprise party for a special friend. GeoZilla will alert you when that a friend is close so everyone can prepare their hiding spots in time. Perhaps you’re waiting anxiously to get picked up from school and it’s starting to get late. Just a quick look on GeoZilla will show that mom is stuck in traffic but will be there in no time. Just as Google Maps did, GeoZilla will add a whole new level of convenience to everyday life.


No matter how sharp one may be, a little reminder never hurts. Google Maps may tell you how to get from point A to point B, but it won’t remind you to stop at the grocery store for milk on the way. With the GeoZilla locator, you can create a reminder for yourself or for others to drop by a given location. Let’s say for example you want your wife to pick up pizza from your favorite joint on the way home. Just set the reminder and when she approaches the store, a reminder will go off, letting her known that meatloaf will not be served for the third night in a row. Additionally, ¬†tasks can also be organized by time for even further accuracy.


Geozilla is a free app available on the Apple App Store of Google Play. Choose your friends and family wisely, however. GeoZilla allows you to add 12 members to track. Besides that, unlimited location alerts, reminders and location history of your chosen twelve are all available. Just as Google Maps changed the way we navigate, GeoZilla might just change the way we live our lives altogether. Just be sure to use this new power responsibly.