Alien Mothership Caught in Holland; NASA and Russia Know

Alien Mothership Caught in Holland; NASA and Russia Know Clapway

New footage of alien motherships captured in Holland. Could this be a sign that the alien apocalypse is near? Or is it simply a believer attempting to get more YouTube views? There has been a lot of buzz surrounding our space neighbors lately. More UFO sightings and rumors of aliens living among us camouflaged as humans has been trending online. Even presidential candidate Hilary Clinton vowed to get to the bottom of Area 51 and UFOs. Footage from the ISS has also sparked interest from believers. As they call for more truth and less lies from NASA and Russia.

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Alien Motherships Invade Holland

New alien footage posted on YouTube channel Top10Trending shows two alien motherships floating through the Holland sky. One UFO was also suggested to be trailing the motherships. The video appears pretty grainy, and there really isn’t much to analyze. The two motherships look kind of like the Imperial Star Destroyer from Star Wars. The UFO, simply a bright light. The video is grainy and footage like this, if real, would have surely resulted in a scramble of fighter jets. Was this alien event covered up before the public could realize what was happening?

Russia Pressures the U.S.

Russia may be leading the charge against the U.S. when it comes to disclosing the truth about aliens. Rumors that Russia will tell the truth about aliens and UFOs if the U.S. doesn’t is entertaining. There were rumors that the Prime Minister of Russia pressured President Obama to tell the truth about aliens at the World Economic Forum (WEF). Those rumors may be false, since there has been no official disclosure about our space neighbors from the white house. Will Russia soon come out of the space closet and spill the truth? Russia and NASA have been working quite close on the ISS. It would not be surprising if Russia and NASA astronauts have not seen anything out of the ordinary up there.

NASA May Soon Tell the Truth About Aliens

NASA has been hinting at an alien announcement if Russia doesn’t get around to it first. NASA Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan hinted that NASA has strong evidence that life exists beyond Earth. And more news would follow within the next decade. However, UFOlogists and believers think NASA may tell before 2016 comes to a close. The Internet and the ability to record via smartphones these days may have fueled the fire for the upcoming NASA disclosure. It may be getting more difficult for the space agency to keep up with their lies.