Australian Alcoholics Filmed Alien UFO that Looks like Moon

Australian Alcoholics Filmed Alien UFO that Looks like Moon Clapway

The term “beer goggles” usually refers to the alleged influence of alcohol on one’s perception. Most commonly, this leads one to become sexually attracted to someone who normally wouldn’t be appealing. Recently, some drunk Australians were the latest victims of this effect, except this time, it involved a UFO. The party goers were likewise too inebriated to tell this object from the moon but thankfully, the film got into the hands of alien researchers.


What started out as a good night of drinking for Australian friends ended in a wave of mystery as a strange UFO was caught hovering in the night sky. According to the story, the men left the party to drive (drunk mind you) to another location about five minutes away. On route, they came across a bright, hovering object. Immediately, one of the men claimed it’s a UFO but his wild beliefs are soon dismissed. Drunk driving was not the only mistake these boys made that night. They concluded their video by mistaking the alien UFO for a distant traffic light or the moon. Meanwhile, they may have just missed a potential alien event. Thankfully UFO researchers SecureTeam10 got their hands on the video and hope to decipher its meaning.


Isolated incidents of alien sightings are rarely taken seriously. However, when similar reports are out there perhaps these claims shouldn’t be just cast aside. These Australian drunks may have been under the influence but what they saw surely wasn’t the moon. The moon doesn’t normally blink or move. Whatever it was, the similar footage is being found all over the world. Just the other day in California, a man captured a series of orange craft flying over the sky. While it’s true airplanes fly over the sky regularly with a blinking light, even the largest skeptic can’t argue that these objects are unique.


Speaking of skeptics, they are only the result of constant lying from government agencies. Those Australian party-goers likely saw an alien object of some kind but years of denial from the world leaders convinces us to think it can’t possibly be anything besides the moon or a blimp. Our brains have been brought up listening to these higher powers and learning to deny them, is hard work. Once we start to think for ourselves and weed out the lies, then more effort will be put into figuring out these mysterious sightings. Until then, they will continue to be cast as lesser forms of lunacy.