Nintendo Fans Choose this Real Life Gaming Console

Nintendo Fans Choose this Real Life Gaming Console Clapway

The negative stigma surrounding video games has certainly lightened up since the 1990’s but that’s not to say they’re without faults. These days kids spend hours staring at screens. That much time spent indoors is simply not good for anyone. To help bring kids away from the screen and on their feet, a new device replicates the entertainment of Nintendo, Playstation or XBOX in a healthier fashion.


ROXs uses technology and digital gaming concepts like Nintendo to persuade kids to get active. If this sounds familiar, that’s because there are competing products that claim to do the same thing however ROXs does so in a more creative fashion. ROXs doesn’t use a reward system to stimulate movement. It does so with the activity itself. They call this intrinsic motivation. The game is so fun that kids will run, jump and move around. In addition to that, they can even use their imagination to create original game scenarios. Even Nintendo will bore kids after a while, but with ROXs, there are no limits to keeping children engaged.


Surely the parents out there are already licking their lips at the thought, so here’s some more information on how ROXs works. ROXs is the world’s first real-life gaming console. It’s made of wire connected, durable high-tech pods. Each ROXs has several smart sensors that come with different light effects and sounds. The basic set comes with 3 ROXs, a controller and a load of pre-programmed games. Adjustable straps allow anyone to use ROX. To play, just select a game, put the ROXs on the floor, or fix them to an object and begin playing. That Nintendo Wii will be collecting dust in no time.


Perhaps on of the cooler features about ROXs is that kids can use their vivid imagination to set up their own rules. For example, one kid might want to play ROXs on the floor for a running game while another might want to attach them to trees and poles to create a jumping game. As kids come up with their own rules, they are also coming up with unique ways to stay active. This takes the monotony out of the activity and turns it into a real-life Nintendo game. ROXs may seem like a kid’s game at first, but it can be enjoyed by the whole family. Whether your sporty, tech-savvy or just like to have fun, ROXs can fit within any lifestyle.