iPhone 7 Solar Charger: 5 Things That Make Apple Fans Happy

iPhone 7 Solar Charger: 5 Things That Make Apple Fans Happy Clapway

Imagine being able to charge your iPhone or any other Apple product anywhere under the sun. The Solar Paper by Sen CHANG will put this solar tech into your hands. The Solar Paper is the world’s thinnest solar charger. You can take it anywhere and charge your iPhone on the trail, at the beach, or anywhere else you may be soaking up the sun’s rays. It is possibly the most efficient and convenient portable solar panel ever designed. And Apple fans are super stoked.

Thinner and Lighter Than the iPhone 7

The next generation iPhone 7 may be the thinnest smartphone designed by Apple ever. That is, if the rumors are true. The Solar Paper is roughly three times thinner. It is only 2mm thin, compared to the iPhone 7 at a rumored 6.1mm. It will also weigh less at 2oz.

Power Choices Apple Fans Love

Apple fans heart choices. This is why Apple has had success with the multiple generation models it launches. Just like the 6, 6s, or 6 Plus, the Solar Paper comes in varied wattage. It lets you choose from 5, 7.5, 10, and 15-watt panels. A 5 watt Solar Paper charges an iPhone 6 in 2.5 hours. If you want to charge your iPad or Mac from anywhere, a higher watt Solar Paper is recommended.

Super Solar Compatibility

The Solar Paper is making Apple fans stoked over its super compatibility. You can charge almost any USB equipped device. Letting you harness the sun’s awesome power to charge your iPhone, iPad, flashlight, portable game console, camera, and walkie-talkies.

On-The-Go Foldable Panels

You can literally take Solar Paper anywhere. The solar panels are foldable and share nearly identical dimensions as a dollar bill. It measures just 9 x 19 x 1.1 cm. It is 70 percent smaller and lighter than any Solar Paper competitor presently on the market.

Waterproof and Durable

The Solar Paper may be compact and thin, but it is one durable piece of tech for your iPhone or other Apple products. Imagine tossing your Solar Paper in your hiking bag and hitting the trail without worry of damage. It is waterproof and designed to be one tough mother f**kin solar harnessing piece of innovative tech.