Top 5 Ways to Solve Your Skin Problems

As if wrinkles and age spots aren’t already enough to get you worried about your aging skin, all sorts of blemishes and irritations decide to plague your skin all of a sudden.  Believe it or not, aging can also be just like going through the challenges of puberty again — you may get a chronic acne breakout when you can’t even remember breaking out when you were a teenager!

Don’t let these pesky, itchy and unsightly skin issues get your spirits down.  Below are 5 ways by which you can solve your adult skin problems.

Learn how to manage stress better.

Common adult skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and cold sores all do not have clear causes but, physicians and health experts are pointing fingers to stress as a major trigger for all of these conditions. Stress is good for your brain but, when you get chronically stressed, you end up with a compromised immune system, making you vulnerable to all sorts of lifestyle diseases, including these common skin infections.

If you are chronically stressed, make a deliberate effort to take time off to recharge and rest, and yes, that includes turning off all of your gadgets too.  Find ways to relax and not to get emotionally stressed over work.  Calmly and peacefully resolve relationship problems with your loved ones so you can free yourself of emotional baggage.  Learn a new skill or hobby. Music can be a good way to shield your mind and body from stress too.  Try to do something that makes you feel good about yourself every day, like helping out a colleague or simply stopping to let a pedestrian pass through.

Eat healthy, drink plenty, exercise often and sleep well.

Not only will healthier lifestyle choices help you overcome stress better, these also provide your body with the four elements your body needs to switch on its natural repair and recovery system and make these function optimally to treat your adult skin problems.  Sufficient amounts of water and a well-balanced diet help get the right mix of nutrients to fuel and energize your cells.  Regular exercise and sufficient sleep ensure that all corners of your body receive nutrients at the right levels consistently.

Use only mild and gentle products.

Even though your skin may look dry, rough and old, keep in mind that it is very fragile.  So, ditch the harsh products even if they promise to vanish your wrinkles with some kind of magic formulation that signed up every chemical you can’t get to pronounce in one go and every synthetic ingredient you’ve never come across in your life before.  An easy rule of thumb, isn’t it?  It can be quite challenging to get the proper combination of gentle products at first though but, if it makes the deal in getting rid of common adult skin problems, it’s worth the hunt.


Although your skin is fragile, you shouldn’t excuse yourself from exfoliation.  It helps address your dry skin problems which are contributing to the itchiness, redness and swelling you may have found yourself complaining about.  Exfoliating also helps lighten dark spots on your skin, and gives you a brighter overall complexion.

Regularly cleanse, tone, moisturize.

This tree-step process must be repeated twice daily to keep your skin and pores clean and free from impurities and bacteria that can infect your skin.  Incorporate an essential oil into your moisturizing regimen.


Adult skin problems can indeed be so much more challenging, and even heartbreaking at times.  Don’t let these get to the better side of you.