Top 5 Vehicles That Are better than Hoverboard

Top 5 Vehicles That Are better than Hoverboard Clapway

Innovation doesn’t always apply to tech. It can be used as a fun way to spend the day or even get to and from work. That is, if you live close to the corporate office, a super awesome startup. Sometimes innovation and tech combine for the ultimate love child that is amazing vehicles. The Hendo Hoverboard and Segway come to mind. As cool as the Hoverboard is, there are plenty of other amazing vehicles out there for you to try out.

Air Bike Aero-X Puts Hoverboard to Shame

This innovative vehicle is just as space age as the Hoverboard. If there were another Back to the Future in the Hollywood mix, the Air Bike Aero-X would most certainly need to be featured. Sorry Hoverboard fans. It is equipped with a rotary engine with two screws, and it responds to body movements similar to riding a motorcycle. The Air Bike Aero-X can also reach speeds of 70 km per hour, however, may not be road legal.

The Double Round Skate

The first bad a** means of fun transportation is actually similar to the Hoverboard in a few ways. The Double Round Skate lets you float around like the Hoverboard, but also lets you have more means of movement. You can manage your feet, spin and turn. The rings look pretty cool too.

One Wheel Electric Skateboard

This vehicle lovechild would be the outcome of crossing a Hoverboard with a traditional skateboard. Only it’s electric and has one big wheel. Your balance is what drives the direction, and it reaches speeds in upwards of 19 km per hour. The One Wheel Electric Skate can also be taken off-road for that beach trip or mountain bike trail.

The Aeyo Multi-Wheeler

The Aeyo Multi-Wheeler combines a bike, scooter, and rollerblades for a nearly effortless ride. You can really maximize your morning commute with this innovative vehicle that is way better than the Hoverboard. Its fluid range of motion is a design feature that most Aeyo fans love the most.

Suitcase Motorized Scooter

Leave it up to the Chinese to design a suitcase that you can ride. Long walk to the next terminal, no problem. The Suitcase Scooter can carry two people, cruises at speeds of 19 km per hour, and can go 59 km on a full electric charge. That may be the distance to your work. Maybe you can skip the subway from now on and give your suitcase scooter more road time.