New Toyota Prius Commercial Features Orlando Guy Killing Kids

New Toyota Prius Commercial Features Orlando Guy Killing Kids Clapway

Toyota has been taking their advertisements in a new direction these days and fans are not happy. Some believe these ads are going far beyond the car itself and suggesting criminal behavior. To them, lives are at stake over a Prius ad. How far will the company go with these criminally inspired methods?


Judging by the 2016 Prius commercial, one could assume that the car was designed for bank robbers. After all, the basis of the ad is a group of bank robbers outrunning the police in a brand new, 2016 Toyota Prius. While the commercial certainly has a comedic undertone, not everyone is able to read between the lines. It brings up an interesting discussion, though. How far can a joke be pushed before it offends someone? Apparently, this commercial was enough to ignite a response.


Perhaps Toyota went too far with this particular ad and perhaps Americans need to lighten up a bit. Those questions aside, let’s look at the facts. The facts are that some Prius fans are not happy with this commercial. For a car that’s usually reserved for the mild-mannered and environmentally friendly, the Prius is now seen as a car for criminals. Most people can separate the ad from reality but think about all the impressionable young children out there. What they see is a funny commercial that involves crime. Now, kids are smarter than they get credit for but it’s possible some kind of negative influence could be found in this situation. The Japanese car maker could hardly care less.


Toyota has probably heard all kind of complaints due to that commercial but it’s unlikely that care at all. After all, they run a business and in business, money reigns supreme. They’ve ditched their once efficient and creative ways and have now gone full Michael Bay. Action, robberies, explosions, and speed are what sells cars now. Gone are the days where a car ad will actually tell you something informative about the car. The American audience just wants entertainment. Until that changes, the future of ads will continue to become controversial.

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