Lunchtime Workouts: 7 Key Reasons to Start

Healthier Decisions when Dining Out Lunchtime Workouts: 7 Key Reasons to Start Clapway

As free time is getting more and more scarce, one of the things that we tend to put at the bottom of our priorities is exercising. We never seem to get around to stop and go to the gym, especially if we leave it to the end of the day when we are feeling tired and ready only to chill out in front of the TV.

But the good news is that you can try and fit some workout during your lunchtime. The length of time might not seem long enough, but there are plenty of activities that you can do during 30 minutes or less, from walking to going to the gym. And there are at least eight reasons for you to give it a try, as you will see in the following topics.

Reason # 1 – You won’t be staring at your computer while you eat

Unfortunately, many of us never leave our desks during lunchtime. We eat there while trying to catch up with the news, answer personal emails, and surf the web. As a consequence, when it is time to get back to work, our mind and body are still connected to the screen, as we haven’t given them the chance to recharge and add some new experience to it. This can lead to stress and born out as we aren’t machines that can be working 24/7 without a break.

Reason # 2 – You will decrease your chances of illness

If you just don’t exercise altogether because you don’t have the time, you will increase your chances of having to deal with several health conditions in the future. The issues commonly connected to sedentary are high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity, just to name a few, but there will be much more knocking at your door sooner than you wish. On the other hand, just 30 minutes of physical activities can decrease the possibility of continuous visits to the doctor drastically.

Reason # 3 – You will go back to work full of energy

It is an easy mistake to think that you shouldn’t exercise because you are tired, and it will make things worse. Or that you aren’t feeling tired, but you will if you go to the gym and that it will compromise your productivity during the second half of your shift.

But the true is that more often you exercise, more likely is that you feel energized after doing it. Yes, in the beginning, it might be a struggle, but soon your body will adapt, and you will notice the opposite effect. So if you go to the gym or do a few workouts somewhere else during your lunchtime, rest assured that you will get back to work feeling recharged, that it will boost your productivity, and that you will be ready for any challenges that might come to your desk in the next hours. Or just think about making a big career change.

Reason # 4 – It is the only time that you have anyway

This should be reason enough for you to use your lunch time to exercise. So, if this is the only time that you have available, just go for it and stop complaining. Exercising shouldn’t be an option, but seen as essential to survival as eating and sleeping.

But, of course, there is no way for you to increase the number of hours available per day, unfortunately. So, your lunchtime is the only time that you have to spare, then choose your favourite exercise and do it during that hour.

Reason # 5 – You can take the chance to socialise

If you work all by yourself or with very few chances to socialise, doing your workout over the lunch time can be a very good opportunity for you to talk to other people. Just pick a class instead of heading straight to the treadmill, and get to know people around you. You can even end up making new friends, or improving your network, you never know.

Reason # 6 – It will keep you moving

If you work sitting down all day, you certainly should use your lunchtime to stand up and move yourself a bit – yes, all those walks to and from the coffee machine don’t really count much as a workout. No matter how ergonomic your chair and desk is, you still shouldn’t stay in the same position for so many hours. Your legs and back will thank you.

Reason # 7 – It is usually cheaper and quieter

In case you are looking for a more pragmatic reason to do your workout during the lunch, here are two more: it will probably save some money, as many gyms will offer discount for using their facilities during this period; and it will be quieter as most of the people will be at work – meaning that you won’t need to be waiting for long to use your favourite equipment.

In Conclusion

Your lunchtime can be the solution for the lack of exercising in your life. You can use it to go for a walk, take a class, or hit the gym, whatever suits you better. It will improve the quality of your life in many ways, from giving you more energy, keeping you away from several illnesses, and allowing you to recharge and take a proper break.

You can always eat on the go or just after your workout, and most of the gyms will count with showers so to ensure that you can put yourself together before getting back to work. So no excuses will be taken from now on: just pick your favourite activity and enjoy your lunchtime workout!

Elaina Meiser is a graduate student and an enthusiastic blogger. She started blogging 5+ years ago as a hobby, and now she is eager to keep on writing. Elaina also strives to share her own perspective about personal and professional development. You can follow her on Twitter @ElainaMeiser.