Top 5 Life-Changing Hacks to Power up Your Home Wi-Fi

Top 5 Life-Changing Hacks to Power up Your Home Wi-Fi Clapway

Have you ever lost an exciting game due to lag and poor connectivity? Maybe tried watching an HD video online and it won’t stop buffering? Tried skyping and just saw disrupted pixels appearing on the screen, instead of a human face? Well if you have ever experienced any of these, you are surely plagued by the menace known as “Slow Wi-Fi connection”. We understand that there’s nothing more frustrating than facing Wi-Fi issues like slow internet speed or bad network reception.  Therefore, here are some tried and tested life-changing hacks to power up your home Wi-Fi and permanently get rid of the slow internet. Check it out!

Try Replacing Your Router

The location of your router plays a key role in connectivity. Don’t hide away your Wi-Fi Router; instead, place it out in the open for the better signal. Elevate its position and place it at a spot where there are no or at least minimum obstructions. Make sure the antenna is perpendicular and there are no electric devices like microwave, baby monitor, cordless phone or any other device which may cause interference.

Shoo Away the Wi-Fi Bandits

Definitely, you would have protected your Wi-Fi with a strong password, but that is not enough. Wi-Fi thieves can still hack your password and steal your Wi-Fi, making it slower for you. Lock the Wi-Fi bandits down with a better security by using a WPA password. This will help guard your network from the prying eyes of hackers.

Manage the Bandwidth-Hogging Apps

Most of us play online games, video chat, download torrent files or surf Netflix. All of these are bandwidth snaffling applications that can make internet unbearable slow for regular surfing. Prioritize the applications you use the most over the not-so-important ones to get high-speed internet. You can use QoS or Quality of service to manage and prioritize applications and reign those bandwidth hogs.

Install Signal Booster or Repeater

Just like a T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling, which helps get rid of bad reception and dropped calls; a Wi-Fi signal booster or a repeater can help amplify the signal and extend the reach of your Wi-Fi.  A good signal booster can extend the reach of your Wi-Fi by 50-300 feet, which can greatly impact your internet speed and connectivity. Similarly, a Wi-Fi repeater can also be installed to boost your internet speed.

Upgrade Your Hardware

Wireless A, B and G routers are old and slow so if you are still using one of those; it’s time to upgrade your hardware. Currently, wireless N and AC router offer the fastest speeds and can help you achieve fast and reliable speed. Also, most of the old router models are outfitted with an external antenna, which uses omnidirectional signal. It transmits the signal in all directions and if you have placed your router near and exterior wall, you might be giving your Wi-Fi access to hackers. Use a high-gain antenna that directs the signal only to the targeted areas.

These above-mentioned hacks will definitely boost your internet speed significantly. If not, maybe your service provider is playing the villain and you need to switch to a better plan or service provider.