Even Google Can’t Write Your Essay Better

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During my time in college and school, I was not a good essay writer so far. I could write a really interesting and fascinating essay but, usually, the score for it ended with B’s and A-“s.

For this reason many years later, I know that this kind of tasks is really boring and exhausting for many young college and school people. Therefore, it was for my friends and me. Now I am a writer and I wrote the basic 5 tips for writing an effective essay special for you.

1. Challenge yourself: do the process interesting for you firstly!

Anytime I start writing anything a felt weak and not motivated. It is okay because you rarely have a chance to choose topics that interest you most. But don’t despair. Just sit for some time thinking of ways that will be useful to make the process interesting for you. You will be surprised with your brains’ abilities. Remember the brightest moments of your life, decisions you have made anytime it will help a lot!

2. Before starting a research find a thing that surprises you most in the topic.

Please do not follow the steps of your mates. 90 % of students start writing things that their teacher WANTS TO READ. It is a big mistake. Remember that this is your essay and your own thoughts. I know that you think that literature, science is boring, and you think, “What is new can I find there?” –stop it! The literature is full of interesting facts ad science is just amazing when you are doing a research yourself. Just keep calm and start it! You can discover the new world for you at the end of writing.

3. Confused? Just write the 5 basic sentences.

A standard essay has a simple structure. That follow it, and 50% of work is done.

  • The beginning- Introduction: It is the most interesting part. Just write what you will tell in the bodies of your essay. Ask 3 questions for the body here.
  • Body № 1: Answer the first questions using some results of your research.
  • Body № 2: Answer the second question using the results of research.
  • Body № 3: Ask the third question using the results of your research.
  • Conclusion: Sum up the main ideas of the last 3 paragraphs.

Do not forget to cite the thoughts of other people. So the citation style is also really important. Follow the one that the teacher advised you. However, it is better to use your insights.

4. The best essay answers “HOW?” the worst answers “what?”!

Try to answer the question “HOW?” in your essay.

For example:

  • How did the Red Hat feel walking in the forest alone?
  • How did Napoleon win the power in France?
  • How do the scientists discover that we are the smartest in the world?

If you know the answer for “HOW?” –you are aware of what to write next and you won’t be mistaken or confused.

5. Forget about these words!

  • Cliche
  • Like
  • Any
  • Things
  • To Be verbs

You have no time to check anything. Use special on-line services In the Web or ask your buddies for help.

And in conclusion…

I have graduated the college many years ago. As I remember essay was the most difficult part of studying for me. You are luckier than me because thanks to Edubirdie this task is much simpler now. Today I became a professional writer. That is how life could play tricks on you. Feel pleasure from studying, enjoy every moment and try to be remembered in your college for many years after you graduate. Good luck!