Top 9 Translators that Could Beat Google Translate

Top 9 Translators that Could Beat Google Translate Clapway

The internet likes to poke fun at Google Translate sometimes but it’s a popular service for a reason. Many users love the service for translating foreign web pages to their native tongue. Additionally, it can be used to have some fun as well but that’s not the matter at hand today. Today, we discuss options.

There are various options out there to take care of all your translation needs. If you ever get bored of Google’s version or frankly, think it sucks, maybe it’s time to move one. Experimentation can be the foundation for growth so don’t be afraid to get out there and try out other options. Without further adieu, here are 9 translators that just might be better than Google’s effort. Remember, none of them are exactly perfect. If you’re trying to write a love letter for your Italian crush, it might not go as planned. Just a warning.


Besides having an awesome name, Linguee is an attractive option for several reasons. For one Linguee is simple. Everyone thinks you need millions of options to make it in today’s market but sometimes, just a few basic ingredients are all you need. Linguee is like the classic Margherita pizza that never fails while Google Translate is like that hip, sweet potato, tahini artisan pizza that’s just a bit too complex for the palate.

Linguee only translates words, not documents or web pages. If has less language support compared with Google Translate but what it can do, it does fairly well. When you submit words and press enter, Linguee translates those words into the desired language complete with the appropriate speech to pronounce a word. Now, when you go to Vietnam, you’ll actually know how to say “Pho” correctly.


No, this is not a joke. Bing Translator is actually a viable option. Bing probably gets more hate than Google Translate but just give it a shot. What did Bing ever do to hurt you anyway? If it helps, just forget about the search engine for a minute and focus on the translation aspect here. Bing offers translation services for words,  articles up to 5000 characters and any website. Like Google , Bing supports many languages. Additionally, the translator has an auto detect language. When typing the content, Bing will automatically translate that into your desired language.

Like our good buddy Pho, there are some words that just don’t sound like they look. For that reason, Bing can help you pronounce the words so you don’t look like a fool. Odds are, you still will look like a fool but at least you’ll be a fool who puts forth an effort.


Pretty much everyone has heard of Google Translate but what about SDL Free Translation? SDL has more than 20 years of experience so it’s safe to say that have some idea of what they are doing. According to them, SDL is the worldwide leader in language translation and content management. Additionally, they help companies build relevant digital experiences that create positive business results. Is this still a translator we’re talking about?

Not only will SDL translate your documents free of charge, but it will make your business better. Their software includes language translation for the main purpose of interpretation. With the leading machine translation engine on the market. is surely one of a kind. Users can obtain free translations of documents, web pages, and text all with accuracy and easy. Furthermore, it even has a language cloud. For those looking for a more professional version of Google Translate, this is your guy.


With a name like Reverso, you would think it has some pretty cool features. Well, you, though, right. Reverso is designed to publish and integrate language technology for some of the largest corporations, educational institutions and consumer markets in the world. Their solutions and tools are completely customizable. Additionally, Reverso works with a team of top experts in Russia, China, Germany, France, the US and the UK. Combining high-level consulting with project management and instant translation software, Reverso looks like a more solid option than Google Translate.

Ready for numbers? Let’s go. Reverso has over 200 translation combinations available. It also has over 5 million users, 4 million words, and 100 million translations are performed each months using the tool. Reverso is impressive and they know it.


Remeber 1997? It was perhaps the best year of the 90’s and that’s probably because of a little thing called Babylon. Since forming that year, Babylon has been a major player providing translation and language learning solutions. Google Translate didn’t even know which way was up back then. Some may argue they still don’t. Anyway, Babylon is for the everyman. Unlike the last couple of options, Babylon is not only for corporations. The company caters to individuals as well and people love it.

Babylon has been the winner of numerous awards. Of these, one stands out particularly. We’re talking about the Guinness World Records here. Yes, it’s true. Babylon beat out Google Translate and all the other options by getting the record for most downloads of a translation software ever. Guinness World Records never lies.


Google Translate prides themselves on minimalism but no one does it better than Frengly. What is Frengly you ask? Well, considering this is an article on translation tools, you can at least assume that much. Go ahead and visit Frengly’s website. It’s so minimal, that they barely have any information to write about. That’s okay, though, all you have to know is that Frengly supports many languages with auto detect included. In addition, Fregnly translates words, articles, and sentences. It’s even more proactive than Google Translate. Immediately after choosing a language translation, Fregnly get’s to work on translating. It’s hard to argue with that determination.


In case you were still wondering whether or not Google Translate is the translator for you, try your hand at a comparative strategy. Besides being a translator, imTranslator is designed to compare the results between Google Translate and other alternatives. No more painstaking hours spent testing out various translators. Just line them up and decide that Google Translate is not the one for you.


Using the ABBYY Lingvo – Online Dictionary, you can translate words and expressions by yourself with easy. Choose from English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, German and more. Furthermore, you can translate in the reverse direction. The unfortunate thing about Google  is that you do not see the meaning of the word in different forms. Not only is this feature possible with LINGVO, but you can also see the correct pronunciation in several unique dialects. Additionally, you can view examples of different kinds and examine word usage in texts, expressions or other translations.

For those looking to translate a highly specialised word or expression not found on Google Translate, sign up with Lingvo for free.


In this modern era of technology, humans have less and less to hold on to as their machine counterparts take over. Cashiers, Uber drivers, pizza delivery dudes and more are all becoming replaced by the efficiency of autonomous tech. That being said, there is still one realm where us humans reign supreme. Of course, this is none other than language translation.

Sorry Google Translate, you are just not advanced enough yet to pick up on the various complexities that languages can offer. With a human translator, they do more than just translate your words. They know the correct tones, emphasis, and cultural understanding to translate your words the right way. If you’re just trying to mess around with friends and look up some dirty words on Google Translate, that’s all fine and dandy. However, if you want to talk to your Vietnamese neighbour without insulting his family and everything he stands for, it’s best to go the way of skin and bones.