Top Seven Classic Games on Nintendo

Top Seven Classic Games on Nintendo Clapway

Watch out Pokemon Go, because Nintendo is bringing back Donkey Kong and Double Dragon. The throwback Nintendo games from your childhood are returning upon the introduction of the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition. This NES Classic Edition is a tiny console with 30 classics ready for your thumbs to destroy.

1. PAC-MAN Dominates Games

PAC-MAN is one of the dirty 30 classics Nintendo is releasing with the NES Classic Edition. This game may not be as detailed as Zelda, but it is a timeless classic that can’t be ignored.

2. The Legend of Zelda

Remember staying up until 3 am playing Zelda, ignoring the behest of your mother. You can do it all over again, and maybe even invite your mom over to give you a little nostalgic grief. The system also comes with Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

3. Donkey Kong Nintendo Classic

Another timeless classic, Donkey Kong is a must play once you purchase the NES Classic Edition. And Donkey Kong Jr. is one of the dirty 30 classics as well.


DOUBLE DRAGON II: THE REVENGE is maybe not as good as the first edition, but it is worth a play. The games music alone will be awesome to hear again.

5. Super Mario Bros. 1 – 3

That’s right, you get all three Super Mario Bros. games with the Nintendo classic console.  just like in college, Mario and Luigi can get Bowser back while you get stoned.

6. Excitebike

The sounds and music of Excitebike actually haunt the man-children of today. This game is an awesome classic and props to Nintendo for adding this one.

7. Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream

This may have been one of those games you never defeated as a kid. The characters got progressively difficult as you rose through the boxing world. Now you get another shot at the title.

Yes indeed, you can relive your youth starting November 11, for $59.99. You can even buy a classic controller for the mini Nintendo for $9.99 to get the true feel of those games of yesteryear.