Top 9 Social Networking sites for Online Shopping

Top 9 Social Networking sites for Online Shopping Clapway

Social Medias or social networking sites have become an important part of almost everyone’s life. When we wake up early in the morning we check we regularly check our social accounts for new messages, events, and updates. These sites are also a great platform for digital marketing where the marketer can directly interact with the buyers. The people who are interested in shopping online takes a full advantage of the marketer’s official account on the sites and inquire all the necessary information about the product. So we can say that the Social Networking sites are the best marketplace where nothing costs for the marketing, it’s totally free of cost all they need is just an account on the sites where they are willing for the marketing.

Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites were created for the people to interact with each other and can communicate with the people all around the world. But these sites are helping their users to shop online with the company’s official account. Below are the details of top 9 social networking sites that how these sites are helpful in shopping online.

1. Facebook


Facebook is not only a social site that connects people but it is one of the highly targeted sites for the publicity of every product and helping people in finding the right product of their interest. For example, you just find a suggested page of different Celebrity outfits and you think that this will help you to have a dress of your favorite celebrity it may be the Oscar award-winning Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dress.  This site can also be the very helpful in finding the details of the products in a similar way and the most importantly you can avail the different hot offers offered by the company.

2. Twitter


Twitter is also one of the leading social sites used by the user, you will find people of every class and all the ages twitting and following others on the twitter. Twitter can help you in finding a costume for the Halloween for example one of your friends has twitted something about the new and Harley Quinn Costume or any other character featured in an upcoming movie Suicide Squad. And you eventually find the best costume and you also can help your friends in choosing their costume by twitting the Suicide Squad Costumes on your twitter account. This is the simple and most common that the twitter is helping its users in online shopping.

3. Pinterest


Pinterest is one of the photo sharing sites which was created as the catalog of ideas rather than social media. Where you can find the different photographs of different things all around the world, the photos can be of the man who is always dressed in style, James Bond in his Suits doing some photo shots or his daily routine activity.

4. Instagram


Instagram is a new and it is also a photo and small length video sharing social site where you can share photos and follow different accounts. Instagram sometimes shows an advertising photo which will lead you to the company’s official website or official account, where you can find the details and description of the product which appeared in the image. In this way, Instagram can be very helpful in shopping a clothing item it can be a leather jacket or any other fashion item, or it can also be another accessory. In terms of online shopping, Instagram is one of the best social sites that we use daily and everyone is online almost all the time.

5. Google+


Google+ or Google plus is an interest-based social networking site which shows the content according to the area of the interest of the users. For example, if someone has keen interests in foods and beverages then the google plus will bring to him the contents that he likes to read and the link to a restaurant where these items are available. If someone likes fashion then google plus has a lot of things to show you. It can also show you some products that are placed by the marketers it can Jackets, Hoodies or Tshirts that you might like and that will be suggested to you to buy. It is also one of the best social sites that the best for marketers to market there.


scoopit is one of the social sites but its main purpose is marketing for the companies and it is also one of the best social sites which also best for the marketing. It helps its registered users in finding the different items regarding anything or any other item. It is the highly targeted site by the marketers and its users take full advantage of the ads of the different products which appears to them in suggested pages according to the previous search of the users.

7. VK

VK is the largest social networking site and is very popular in European countries. Like other sites, it is also one of the best sites which help its users in their online shopping of different items. The items can be in terms of clothing of their favorite personalities and help them finding the new clothing costume of their favorite superheroes like Batman or Superman. These pages of the products appear in the mid of the contents which the users have fetched for them, the items are related to the most searched keywords of the user in part or at that time.

8. Reddit


Reddit is one of the social networking sites, but it also includes new and entertainment contents. It is a community of registered members where the marketers can interact with other users by sharing images, videos and direct links to their products, their details and the descriptions of the product which they are marketing for. This is the best way of marketing where the user or buyer is aware of product details and it will help him or her in a selection of the product/item.

9. Yelp


Yelp was developed about 12 years back and is one of the best American sites designed for the marketers. It is also a social networking site where you can meet the different people of different interests and likings. This site carries the individual pages of different pages and different things where the pages of different companies, local and multinational are also available. The registered users can directly access the company page and can gather all the required info about any product available on the page.