Five Benefits of Portable SPA Device

Five Benefits of Portable SPA Device Clapway

Emphasizing your beauty through innovative smart skin care is now easier than ever. The Susee Portable Smart Spa Device is quite possibly the smartest Spa gadget you can have at home, or on the go. The life of a woman is hectic, but improving your radiance doesn’t have to be.

The Susee Portable Smart Spa combines tech, skin care, and app usability. These three essentials for perfect skin lets you know your skin’s condition, get skin test results via the app, and hydrates via Nano mist. The absolute skincare trifecta you need.

1. Revolutionary Spa Skin Test

Using the two test point sensors on the device to test your skin’s health and radiance. Within seconds you will get the status of your skin. These vital results can then be analyzed via Bluetooth to the Susee app.

2. Innovative Skin Care App

Testing multiple facial features like your nose or forehead, simply press start on the app and wait for your skin test results. The innovative skin care app allows you to see rapid results, and follow your skin’s condition. You even get reminders to hydrate.

3. Spa Nano Mist

The Nano mist technology will instantly hydrate, sooth and rejuvenate your skin. This allows you to battle dry air, changes in temperature, fatigue, and even air pollution. The quick absorption of hydrating Nano mist will also keep your makeup as vibrant as you and your skin.

5. Portable and Easy to Use4. Superb Skin Care Tech

The tech behind the Susee Portable Smart Spa is like having a personal skin care specialist in your pocket. The app lets you browse your test result history. It gives your smart reminders. It also lets you share your results and get professional skin care suggestions.

5. Portable and Easy to Use

You can now have spa quality skin care wherever you go and at any time of the day. It is portable and lightweight, making it the most advanced portable skin care product on the market. You get app reminders and test results via the app, allowing you to be as radiant as you can be 24 hours a day.

For $29 backing on INDIEGOGO, you can have a smart portable spa available at your home, office, or at that long overdue vacation destination. Don’t let your skin take a backseat to life. Be the most radiant woman on the go with lavish radiant skin that showcases your beauty.