England Facing Biggest Alien Invasion; UFO Captured on Camera

England Facing Biggest Alien Invasion; UFO Captured on Camera UFO Captured on Camera in England; Government and NASA Lie… Clapway

Recently, incredible footage was taken in England of an object resembling a UFO. Since being captured by videographer Cat Roberts, the video has gone viral. Consequently, many are speculating whether England is under alien invasion.


Judging by this footage taken by Newcastle resident Cat Roberts, a glowing UFO appears to float in the night sky. Some skeptics have claimed the alien like object to be a lantern. However, as one can see, it is far too large for that. By Roberts description, the object appears to be some sort of molten metal. Furthermore, others claimed it was a blimp. Thanks to the high-quality footage, it’s possible to see that is not the case.


According to Youtube Ufologists “thirdphaseofmoon”, this craft looks to be something of the biological sort. It’s certainly not the classic flying saucer style ship that Hollywood tends to use. This one has almost a gelatinous form to it. Squid-like almost. One can’t help but think back to the classic H.G Wells book War of the Worlds. Is this an amphibious creature gearing up for an invasion? Like most sightings like this, the answer remains a mystery.


To quiet any skeptics out there, Cat Roberts claimed she saw the UFO collapse on itself as it disappeared into the night sky. She stated she was making some dinner when first noticing the object. Upon filming it, she got a couple solid minutes of footage before the object mysteriously disappeared. Roberts failed to capture that, though. Hence, one can’t be sure if she is telling the truth. Still, this possible alien footage is one of the most realistic we’ve seen in recent times. If more people can capture clear video like this, we can get closer to finding an answer to life’s biggest question.

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