This Drug Will Make You Live Twice as Long

This Drug Will Make You Live Twice as Long Clapway

Do you want to live long enough to see the humans destroy themselves? Well now, it might be possible due to a new kind of protein drug. We’ve known for a while that fats from a plant-based source can be better for your health and now, researchers are suggesting the same could be said for plant-based protein.


The positive effects of a plant-based diet should come as no surprise to anyone at this point. Dr. Mingyang Song from Massachusets General found some beneficial information in regards to plant proteins. By taking this protein drug made, the negative effects of an unhealthy lifestyle can be offset. In addition, the group found that the type of protein matters. Protein from plants, fish or chicken, they had a lower mortality rate.


In America, everyone is looking for a quick fix. There are all kinds of pills and liquids out there to keep us at ease but in this case, there is no such drug. The secret behind living longer is as simple as eating more plants. Yes, protein from fish and chicken is better than that of red meat. However, the best protein one can really get is through plants. For those that don’t know, it is possible to get protein from plants. For one, there are beans and nuts of all sorts out there. Additionally, whey protein powders like Optimum Nutrition are affordable online. They provide you with more than enough protein and in a healthy fashion.


Thanks to research like Dr. Song, more people are informed about the benefits of plant-based protein. Besides the large benefits to our personal health, eating a plant-based diet will help the environment. What’s the point of living longer if the Earth will self-destruct during your lifetime? Products like whey protein and other sources of plant protein are more than enough to get your fill. Yes, meat is delicious but at what cost? Unless we make an effort to move away from our self-destructive ways, a longer life won’t be worth it.