Top 10 Sites Similar to CNN

Top 10 Sites Similar to CNN Clapway

Is watching CNN for your daily news getting boring? You may need to cheat on your channel to spice up your love for news. Staying up to date on current events is easier than ever, since there are so many channels and sites available at your fingertips. You might simply get updates on what’s happening in the world right to your smartphone.

There are plenty of sites similar to CNN and many of them basically cover the same breaking stories, whether national or global. Take a break from CNN and cozy up to a few media outlets Ron Burgundy would call classy. ABC, NBC, MSNBC, BBC, Reuters, and even The New York Times are all in the running for top sites online and on your television.

The New York Times; older and wiser than CNN news

If you are going to get your news from an institution other than CNN, The New York Times is most certainly worthy. It has been reporting since 1835. Founded by James Gordon Bennett Sr., it began as the New York Herald. Since they have launched online as most news companies have.

In fact, The New York Times is celebrating the 20th anniversary of this year. Their site covers national and global news with sections including politics, business, science, health, arts, sports, food, travel, tech, and opinion, among features. The New York Times is not only great but also a very credible source for information.

USA Today has an innovative news platform

USA Today has come a long way since Al Neuharth founded the newspaper September 15, 1982, making it a great news alternative to CNN. It has had a storied beginning and shared newsstand space with other prestigious papers. Newspapers like The New York Times and Wall Street Journal prior to the age of online news sites.

USA Today was actually regarded as the paper with the largest circulation than any other publication in the US. Their online presence has also come a long way since their launch of in 1995. This easy to navigate platform is definitely a fan favorite.

BBC News offers a different perspective

Naturally, sourcing your news from other regions of the world will result in different perspectives. This makes BBC News a great change to the US version CNN. These two industry giants may be the most popular sites and channels in the world. They are also very similar to each other.

The format is the same, and the presentation is quite similar as well. BBC simply offers current events with a twist of UK view. They cover world news, health, business, tech, and entertainment & arts, among other features. Their video section also offers viewers a vast collection of news and broadcasts online.

BBC News offers a different perspective ClapwayMSNBC celebrates 20 years of news; only a decade or so behind CNN

MSNBC is celebrating their 20th anniversary and the news channel has much to be happy for. In 1996, NBC partnered with Microsoft to create MSNBC, and it was a big deal since NBC was one of the largest television companies in America. Founded by Tom Rogers, MSNBC was producing more detailed and longer stories than CNN.

It is viewed in the US, Europe, Canada, Africa, and the Middle East. Their online presence offers viewers a variety, including breaking news of the current presidential race. This seems to be filling up their home page currently because ratings are highly competitive in nearly every demographic.

TIME is online news different to CNN

TIME Magazine was founded in 1923 and turned into a dominant news force by Henry Luce. In nearly 100 years, TIME Magazine has grabbed the attention of nearly 3.3 million people. It is almost in the top ten of most circulated publications in the US. launched a new design on, and they are using their “news brief” outline as the centerpiece.

The brief is unlike CNN in many ways, because it gives you the top 12 stories you need to know about right now. Time is really making waves online, just as they have done in the past as a print publication. TIME is truly timeless and they keep evolving with the current media climate.

The Washington Post; from newsstands to a powerful online presence

Another American news institution is The Washington Post. Founded in 1877 by Democrat Stilson Hutchins, the paper has come a long way. It is owned now by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, another investment he is turning around in a big way.

The once newspaper has become a powerful online source for current events. Donald Trump has even criticized the paper for trying to ruin his presidential campaign. It is not as flashy as CNN, and this makes this site a welcomed alternative by many.

Reuters is like CNN on British steroids

Many news junkies may be surprised to find out Reuters has been around since 1851. Making it much older than CNN. Founded in London, this industry leader has tons of stories available to viewers online. Its video and photos section are a fun take on what’s happening in the UK and around the world.

This online source for information also covers business, politics, tech money, and has recently added a Rio 2016 section for those wild about the Olympics this summer. The commentary section also features informative podcasts appealing to both Millennials and Baby Boomers.

FOX News offers alternate CNN view

FOX News has been called a one-sided type source. However, they continue to be a big online force in the industry. They are also relatively young compared to other media outlets. Founded in 1996 by media mogul Rupert Murdoch, this online and on television media institution has been making waves.

In fact, the channel was started with the vision of being an alternative to CNN. And in 2002, they actually succeeded in higher ratings than CNN as well. Even though they were accused of helping Bush take the election in 2001, this media outlet has had some excellent broadcasting, including Hannity and Colmes and The O’Reilly Factor.

FOX News offers alternate CNN view ClapwayABC News is post-World War II success

ABC News was founded in 1945 and is actually owned by the Walt Disney Company. This media outlet may not be the top dog online or on primetime, but it has plenty to offer as a change from CNN. It features US and world news, health, tech, lifestyle, money, and sports, among other topics.

It has also produced programming worthy of notice. Series like 20/20, Good Morning America, and Nightline have been acclaimed as top network shows. Its online platform is easy to navigate and is normally showing breaking events on their homepage.

CBS News is American staple

CBS News is similar to ABC and most certainly a great alternative to CNN. It highlights breaking stories and has been focused on the Olympics and the presidential election in the US. This media outlet also covers world events too. CBS popped up around the same time as ABC, founded in 1940 and actually is affiliated with MSNBC.

MSNBC is their 24-hour channel, just like CNN. Expose with Tom Brokaw, Dateline NBC, Today, and Meet the Press are all some of their flagship programs. Their online platform covers topics such as entertainment, health, MoneyWatch, SciTech, and sports. This is a great source for up to date information online and a true American staple.